Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reason #4,617 That I Love Allen West

In a completely masculine and heterosexual way, of course:

After this morning’s ... “Fresh From Florida” breakfast, Congressman Allen West addressed a media gaggle and was asked by a TCPalm reporter about his publication’s editorial board.

“I don’t want your endorsement, I want you to continue to endorse the other guy.”

For those of you unfamiliar, the TCPalm website is the primary mainstream media publication that covers the Treasure Coast area, and it’s a publication hostile to West. TC Palm’s site routinely publishes puff pieces on Murphy as well as Murphy’s almost certainly ghostwritten op-eds.

With a few dozen more Allen Wests in Congress, we could really return this country to Constitutional government -- and unleash the private sector.

Allen West is in a tough race. You can help him out here.


Phil said...

I love how the side of West's head is 100% vertical. It almost looks photoshopped.


you're such a fag, bro. that you even have to flaunt your masculinity proves you have no confidence in your readers to trust your gay liberal ass.