Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Which is more important: a jamoke from Missouri saying something stupid or skyrocketing food prices?

Tyler Durden challenges us to "spot the similarity":

Why is this so troubling? As Monty Guild explains:

Drought, bad crop data, and rising grain prices around the globe have put food inflation on the front pages, raising alarm in many circles. Consumers are concerned, food producers are concerned, businesses are concerned, and governments are concerned. While food may not be a huge percentage of the daily budget for those in the developed world, it is in the lesser developed countries. Food inflation can erode the standard of living in the emerging economics rapidly and when food prices go up too much, governments fall.

Of course, the completely un-politicized (*cough* *wheeze*) Bureau of Labor Statistics insists that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) remains unchanged.

It should come as no surprise. They're also gaming the unemployment rate.

Shhh... no one tell vintage media. They've got water to carry.


Stogie said...

If a man makes a verbal mistake, that makes him a "jamoke"? Why?

Ten Mile Island said...

I just posted on Akin.

What's worse, a guy who exhibits ignorance? Or a guy who votes to kill living babies?

Stupid in service of life beats the hell out of smart in service of murder, donnit?

Stogie said...

Right on, Ten Mile. I also posted on Akin.