Saturday, August 18, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Liberals Criticize Ryan Like They Did Reagan

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Liberals Criticize Ryan Like They Did Reagan: CFIF
Youth Vote Slipping from Obama: Breitbart
Barack Obama Flees From..Chris Matthews??: RWN

Ryan Reaction: Gap between America and the Beltway: Rasmussen
America Is A Nation Divided Under Barack Obama: IBD
Breaking: Bumbling Gaffe-Machine to Return to Campaign Trail: Ace

Obama Attacks Navy SEALs: PatriotUpdate
Wasserman Schultz, Party Girl: PJM
Wasserman Schultz Goes on the Attack Against Karen Harrington: Shark


Yes, Obama Certainly Did Cut Medicare, Says Medicare Trustee: Ace
California Doesn't Exist—It's Now Two States: Hanson
Change: Unemployment Up in 44 States: Mish

Obama's Biggest Lie: 'I'm Fighting For The Middle Class': IBD
The FDA wants to regulate your cells: AEI
What About 'Shared Prosperity' From You, Mr. President?: CFP

Scandal Central

Oops: "Star witness" against voter ID got herself an ID card: Events
Dem chair of House Oversight covered up ties to Countrywide for himself, colleagues, and staff: Hot Air
AFL-CIO Canvasser Booked On 23 Felony Counts Related To Voter Fraud: WZ

Climate & Energy

NOAA: Thieving Bastards: Ace
White House says tapping oil reserve is 'on the table,' as gas prices rise: Fox
Apocalypse Not: I love the smell of skepticism in the morning: Watts


Like MSNBC, CNN Ignored Poll Showing 74 Percent of Americans Support Showing Photo ID to Vote: NB
Obama Ducking National Press, Because, See, They're Too Hard on Him: Ace
Jay Cost: Hey, You Know, Biden Didn't Just Accidentally Tell Blacks "They Gon' Put Y'All Back In Chains": Ace

Obama Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself: Foundry
State Dept. Responds to Foreign Country Fact Sheet Changes That Include Obama’s Achievements: Blaze
Special Operations Speaks to Bob Beckel: “Say it to my face”: Nice Deb

Holy Grail Found: Paul Ryan Shirtless Pic!: Alexa
In backlash over SEALs ‘don’t have guts’ tweet, Eric Boehlert cries ‘fabrication’: Twitchy
Announcement, Brief Hiatus And Goodbye Carnivorous Conservative: Riehl


The Huma Abedin-House of Saud Connection Exposed: FPM
The Pakistani spy who went undetected in D.C. for 20 years: Poole
Imperial Affront: Ecuador Will Face US Wrath for Asylum Decision: Floyd

State Dept. Trained 450 Imams on the ‘Compatibility of Women’s Rights and Islam’: CNS
Iraq officials: More than 90 dead in attacks: ArmyTimes
Pussy Riot jailed for two years - live updates: Guardian


$200 for a Fake Security System: Schneier
Analyst’s Groupon target price of $3 per share is 36.84% below today’s close: NextWeb
RastaCam Is Probably Offensive But I Can’t Stop Using It: Gizmodo


Battle of the Abs – White House Releases Biden Abs Pic: Sooper
"George–O, George-O, No peace I find…": MOTUS
World Record Kick to the Groin: Sports Science

Image: Breaking: Bumbling Gaffe-Machine Will Head Back On The Campaign Trail
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rep. Allen West Needs Your Help!

QOTD: "All those massive fundraising numbers you've read about? None of that can be spent by the Romney campaign until after the Convention, after he has been formally nominated. So he's had to run on the fumes of his primary warchest, and rely on the SuperPACs to pick up the slack.
From September onward, though? It's going to be the world's biggest hurricane of pro-Romney advertising, created and directed explicitly by his campaign to set the tone. All that money is going to explode into a blitz of TV, radio, internet advertising, and (most importantly) ON-THE-GROUND ORGANIZING.

I can't emphasize this last enough. That was the major advantage Obama had in 2008. He got his people to the polls. Folks, I have seen, up close with my very eyes, the swing-state turnout operation that Mitt Romney is assembling (openly) in Virginia and (quietly, on the down-low) in Pennsylvania. They will blow you away when they start cranking into action. S**t's gonna run like the metal exoskeleton of the Terminator: a thousand moving parts, all in sync, well-oiled." --Ace Commenter JeffB

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