Monday, August 20, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Racism by Political Party

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Racism by Political Party: Marginal Revolution
In 2002, Barack Obama Supported Infanticide; Here's the Transcript: RS
Nebraska Gov joins AZ to stop Obama's lawless DREAM order: PW

When the Truth Goes Viral: RSM
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Defamatory Hate Group: RS
MoveOn Goons Now Stalking Paul Ryan at Campaign Events: Nice Deb

Oops: Robert Gibbs confirms existence of Death Panels: Lid
Must be an election soon: Obama heads to church: Dossier
Prayers answered: Biden back on campaign trail: WZ


Obamacare designed to unionize 21MM health workers: DC
The amazing little story that didn't happen on Obama's big bus trip: IBD
Free pension giveaway crushes Cleveland school budgets: Breitbart

Ryan was a voice for Fannie Mae reform while Obama opposed it: WSJ
CA=socialism, TX=conservatism. Any questions?: Whittle
ECB Capping Rates on PIIGS?: ZH

Climate & Energy

State Dept Climate Change (Hoax) Program Is A Mess: RWN
Wow! Hundreds of Ohio Coal Miners Stand in Line for Mitt Romney: GWP
Can Mitt seize Ohio opportunity?: TribLive


Radical Leftist "Fact Checker" Destroys Any Shred of Politfact's Credibility: MediaTrackers
How long before they go after Paul Ryan’s mom?: LI
Tourè – That Broccoli Is Racist!: Patterico

A tale of two campaigns: contrasting Romney-Ryan’s access with Obama-Biden’s.: RS
Shecky Pelosi: We totally cooperated with President Bush; congressional incivility is something new: Malkin
Republican makes stupid statement … everyone swarm: LI

Peggy Noonan: If Biden Were Republican Meet the Press's Topic Would Be 'How Stupid Is This Person?': NB
Mitt Romney Makes a Bold Stand: Zilla
Tom Morello's Misguided Rage: DC


Egypt’s Military and the Arab Spring: McCarthy
Great Public Relations Quotes for the Middle East: RWN
Canada: Man arrested for walking dog near Muslims in public park: Creeping

Universal Mediocrity: Why do Britons like their sub-par health-care system so much?: Dalrymple
The Vetting: Trevor Loudon Explains Why Obama Favors All The Tyrannical Powers of the World: Nice Deb
The Empire State Building Turns Green to Mark the Last Day of Ramadan: UrbInf

Journey Through a Liberal Brain: MB
The Anarchy Alley That Birthed Barack Obama From Washington State to Kenya and On to Chicago: MagNote
Ramadan Bank Run: WaPo


Curiosity Rover Fires First Laser Beam at Martian Rock: Wired
Disney Adds A Bit Of Nonsensical Anti-Open Source FUD To Kid’s Sitcom: Crunch
Big Bang theory challenged by big chill: PhysOrg


This Week in Automotivators, August 13-19: RWN
Remember My Obama Parody Markers?: iOTW
Obama: He Comes by his Feminism Naturally: MOTUS

Image: Gateway Pundit
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: America's Comeback Team

QOTD: "As we’ve illustrated here time and time again, it is delusional to assume the Egyptian military is pro-American and thus a reliable bulwark against the advance of Islamic supremacism. Cairo’s armed forces reflect the broader society, whose able-bodied men are required to serve — and, as even the Times now concedes, the Egyptian mainstream is Islamist. Plus, the Egyptian army has always had Islamists (including violent jihadists) in its ranks. Its historical tendency, moreover, has not been to lead; it has been to follow the shifting political programs of whatever dictator happened to be running the show.

Nonetheless, you’ve spent nearly two years being told not to worry: Bet the farm on these generals we’ve been training and funding. Yet, now we see that our government is not only well aware of the Egyptian army’s Islamist streak (or shall we say swath?); Egyptian officers, who often study in the U.S., actually submit sharia-driven “get out of Dar al-Islam” term papers to their American military professors...

...Meanwhile, dissenters and journalists are already being imprisoned and beaten — if not worse. (There are unconfirmed reports that crucifixion is making a comeback.) Terrorist leaders have been sprung from the prisons. The Sinai has become a jihadist haven. Women are attacked in the street if they fail to don the veil. A fatwa that prohibited eating during Ramadan was issued. Christians are fleeing in droves, their churches torched behind them. And the emirs of Hamas are warmly received as brotherly dignitaries.

No amount of whistling can obscure the graveyard. Things are bad, and they are going to get worse." --Andrew C. McCarthy

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