Friday, August 17, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Media Matters' Eric Boehlert slams SpecOps: "former Navy SEALs don't have guts"

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Media Matters' Eric Boehlert: "SEALs don't have guts": Jawa
Obama to Have Lunch with Biden Today: Dossier
Barack Obama Is A Liar: Erickson

The Democrats’ Growing Medicare Dilemma: NRO
Author Pays Obama’s Brother’s Medical Bills: WZ
The Death of an American Mule: Knish

Brewer enforcing laws Barack Obama tries to break: Hawkins
Fact Checked: Latest Democrat Attacks on Ryan Are Trash: RWN
Are Democrats Starting to Lose It Already?: Power Line


Is GM headed for bankruptcy again?: Hayward
Obama the great disabler: Steyn
Preparations Being Made For Financial Collapse?: MunKnee

Scandal Central

Corzine Will Not Be Prosecuted: P&F
Biden donor receives $20M federal loan: DC
Auto Bailout Legacy: GM's European Nightmare: NLPC

Climate & Energy

EPA actions at mine could hurt $220 billion in investments: DC
How Bad Data Contribute to Global Warming Hysteria: Power Line
Report: State Department Climate Hoax Program is a Mess: Cove


What If The Teleprompter Wouldn't Lie?: Ricochet
Election 2012: Florida President: Rasmussen
Show us your budget, Joe, we want to see what you value. : Morlock Revolt

NBC And CBS Aiding and Abetting Anti-Conservative Hatred: MRC
Hilarious: Lawyer Letter To Mitt Romney Over Inappropriate Song Use May Have Been Plagiarized: Hope
Fresh Off Tough ‘People’ Interview, Fearless Obama Sits Down With ‘Entertainment Tonight’: JWF

Obama Team’s Deceptive Video Edit Plays Strawman Fallacy: Sooper
Other than all that, what has Paul Ryan ever done for us?: Bookworm
Kira Davis’ Open Letter To Toure’ : AllAm


Islamic Lawfare Comes to Disney World: GoV
Will the West Bank Become the Next Islamic Emirate?: Gatestone
The X-51A WaveRider: Will this Air Force jet revolutionize civilian air travel? : The Week

Social Security Admin Buys 174,000 Hollow Point Bullets: Border Patrol Armed With Bean Bags: MagNote
Facebook orders removal of Hezbollah pages: Hayom
Ahmadinejad: Zionist regime an insult to all humanity: JPost


A GPS in your DNA: MedicalXpress
Why Your Company Should Hire a Dedicated SEO Specialist: CIO
Far more could be done to stop the deadly bacteria C. diff: USA Today


Secret Service bought cupcakes to thank baker for turning down Biden: Exam
Ohio town ready to welcome Jesus statue with open arms: USA Today
Maynard’s Small Tip for Battling Telemarketers on your Land-Line: Bruce

Image: Muffin Top Eric Boehlert Calls Americas Navy SEALs Gutless
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QOTD: "...Forbes tells us GM is probably heading for bankruptcy again. Its stock price would have to more than double, to $53.00 per share, for taxpayers to recover their “investment.” Instead, stock values have declined by 39 percent in absolute terms, and 49 percent relative to the Dow average, since GM went public in 2010. Louis Woodhill of Forbes thinks political considerations would prompt Obama to “ride the stock down to zero” instead of cashing out at a massive loss to the public.

GM’s market share is also falling, as competitors beat its pants off in key vehicle classes. Disappointing new models will likely yield excess inventory that must be sold off at a loss in years to come. GM CEO Dan Akerson, who has mused on the record that it would be awfully nice if Obama made gas more expensive with higher taxes so GM’s electric cars would sell better, is “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” in Woodhill’s view, while more innovative and knowledgeable managers at competing companies run rings around him." --John Hayward

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