Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Horrific Crash in Texas Kills Five Children, Leaves Two More in Critical Condition; "Language Barrier" Prevents Communicating With Other Occupants

A horrific crash east of Dallas killed five children and critically injured two others yesterday afternoon.

There were no child safety seats and not enough seat belts in the vehicle. And a "language barrier" prevented investigators from communicating with occupants.

An SUV packed with children veered out of control and overturned on Interstate 20 in East Texas on Monday, killing five children and injuring nearly everyone else inside.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said two adults and 10 children from near Marshall were inside the GMC Envoy, which had no child safety seats and not enough seat belts.

It rolled into a ditch about 2:15 p.m. near Van, about 70 miles east of Dallas, ejecting nine occupants.

Three girls, ages 13, 6 and 2, died at the scene.

A 5-year-old boy was pronounced dead at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. A 3-year-old died late Monday at Renaissance Hospital Terrell.

Two more children were in critical condition at Children’s late Monday.

Another five, including the two adults, were taken to a hospital in Tyler, according to Trooper Jean Dark with DPS. One child was later discharged and the other two were in stable condition. Only one of the adults turned out to be injured.

It was unclear late Monday what caused the the single-vehicle crash.

“There’s a language barrier between investigators and the occupants,” Dark said.

Our prayers go out to the victims of this horrific accident.

Regarding the lack of seatbelts and child seats: What makes you think if the parents broke our immigration laws that they would follow other laws?

Which laws do people get to break in this country without punishment (or with the outright encouragement of the Obama administration)?

Images: Fox News Latino and Hispanically Speaking News.


Dapandico said...

La Raza files a wrongful death suit in English.

Anonymous said...

Notice no arrests in this case,but a few years ago,in a case that went to the Supreme Court,a mother was arrested in front of her children and searched at the local jail in Texas because one of her kids slipped out of their child seat.Justice Souter said the arrest was no big deal.What a 'man' Souter was.The mother in that case,of course,was a native born American.The cops were idiots.

Anonymous said...

If there was/is a language barrier, then the people aren't Hispanic. You don't have to search at all to find somebody that speaks Spanish anywhere in Texas.


directorblue said...

@skh.pcola -

not to "profile" or naything, but the driver's name made it clear that they were latino.