Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh, my: new SEAL PAC ad blisters Obama for bowing to foreign leaders

Well, you could call it "swift-boating" -- except... there are millions and millions of incriminating images depicting President Obama's unprecedented acts of submission when greeting world leaders:

The controversial super PAC Special Operations for America, led by former Navy SEALs, is set to release a blistering new ad against President Obama Tuesday at the Republican National Convention.

The ad, titled “Bow to Nobody,” depicts Navy SEALs in combat situations; it then proclaims that they fight so that America will not have to bow to anybody.

Then the punch line: the infamous photo of Obama bowing to the Saudi king.

The ad is sure to provoke massive consternation on the left, which has been in a frenzy ever since Special Operations for America launched. The event at which the ad launches, “Defending Our Defenders: A Salute to the United States Military,” will feature a tribute by Congressman Louie Gohmert, former members of SEAL Team Six, Army Rangers, Gold Star parents, and a few surprise guests.

Ryan Zinke, the former Navy SEAL who started the super PAC, spoke exclusively with Breitbart News today. “The ad itself accurately portrays where this President is,” said Zinke. “It accurately portrays his core belief that America should not lead. This president is shaping America to be one of the followers, to relinquish our role as a world leader. I didn’t fight 23 years as a Navy SEAL to watch America bow to anybody.”

He continued, “It’s not just the king of Saudi Arabia. My friends from WWII that fought in the Pacific theater -- when they see the president bow to the emperor of Japan, I’ve seen veterans cry. This is about the fundamental belief in American exceptionalism, the notion that America should reign supreme. We are a country of values, and we fought hard to be exceptional, and we are.”

Those who need an explanation of the president's, uhm, unique habits need only catch a viewing of the movie 2016.


Anonymous said...

It's not very unique.

Reagan did it, Both Bush's Did it. Eisenhower did it.

Anonymous said...

"... the infamous photo of Obama bowing to the Saudi king"

Doesn't look very Saudi to me, but then he IS furrin, so close enough.