Thursday, August 23, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: California Ready to Hand Out Driver’s Licenses to 400,000 Illegal Aliens

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Cali Ready to Hand Out Driver’s Licenses to 400,000 Illegal Aliens: Bruce
Black conservatives dispute "zero" support for Romney: Twitchy
Historically accurate study predicts Romney victory in November: Scoop

ACORN fundraiser's journo org smears vote accuracy group: MonCrief
Report: ATF official also holding private-sector job: WaPo
State GOP Welcomes President to New York: MenRec

Do You Want To Punish America With A Baby Again In 2012?: RWN
Biden to appear in Tampa during GOP convention?: DC
Whoopi Goldberg on Polanski “I know it wasn’t rape-rape”: FAM


CBO: Deficit To Exceed $1 Trillion For Fourth Consecutive Year: CDN
GM goes from bad to worse despite Obama bailout: AEI
Uhm, both Reagan and Bush recoveries better than Obama’s: Peth

Obama's Epic Deficit Failure: IBD
Indiana's Voucher System Doubles; Teachers Unions Fight Back: Mish
Eric Sprott: The Financial System’s Death Knell?: ZH

Scandal Central

Ties to Obama Aided in Access for Big Utility: NYT
Liberals Looking For Donations to "Overcome PA's Voter ID Law" (Meanwhile Photo IDs Are Free): MenRec
Obscene Undercover Video of Inhumane Killing at Central Valley Meat Co. in Hanford, California: AmPow

Climate & Energy

Václav Klaus: The arrogance of the global-warming alarmists is appalling: NewNostradamus


Media Credibility Hits New Lows: AIM
Obama uses POTUS seal at designated campaign event again after condemning practice: Twitchy
TMI: Biden: ‘I’ve known 8 presidents, 3 of them intimately’: Twitchy

The Trash-Talking President: RWN
Obama’s Targeted Engagement of the Press: CDN
Touré: “We Have, I Mean The Obama Campaign, Has…” – Same Difference...: AllAm

Obama: 'Very Rare I Come to an Event Where I’m Like the Fifth or Sixth Most Interesting Person': WS
What the Fluke?: Modicum
Obama Caught in Misspelling of a Four-Letter State, Wapo Tries to Rescue: NB


White House Aide Plouffe Receives Money From Iranian Interests - Nobody Seems to Notice: Breitbart
NYPD “Hate Crimes” Unit Investigates Bacon Incident; FRC Shooter Not Charged With Hate Crime: Sooper
DNC Convention to start with radical Islam? Of course!: AWD

Ethnic bloodbath in Kenya kills 62, mostly women and children: Breitbart
FM: Abbas engaged in political terrorism against Israel: JPost
Morsi trying to erode peace treaty: ynet


Four Things You Won’t Hear at VMworld: Channelnomics
Is iPhone Security Really this Good?: Schneier
Topsy Pro Analytics Lets Users Analyze Over 100 Billion Tweets From The Last 2+ Years: MarketingLand


A big blow headed for Tampa: MOTUS
Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys: ClickOrlando
Is The DNC Getting In Bed With Radical Islam?: Looking Spoon

Image: Ethnic bloodbath in Kenya kills 62, mostly women and children (Breitbart)
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QOTD: "White House records show that Exelon executives were able to secure an unusually large number of meetings with top administration officials at key moments in the consideration of environmental regulations that have been drafted in a way that hurt Exelon’s competitors, but curb the high cost of compliance for Exelon and its industry allies.

In addition, Exelon, which provides power to more than 6.6 million customers in at least 16 states and the District of Columbia, was chosen as one of only six electric utilities nationwide for the maximum $200 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department. And when the Treasury Department granted loans for renewable energy projects, Exelon landed a commitment for up to $646 million allowing it, on extremely generous financial terms, to finance one of the world’s largest photovoltaic solar projects." --Eric Lipton, The New York Times

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