Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Wages of Liberalism

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The Wages of Liberalism: Hanson
Tolerance: Facebook page advocates killing Mitt Romney: CDN
Romney/Ryan Medicare Plan Would Cost Seniors $6400: Debunked: CDN

Downsizing America: The Obama Doctrine in Action: Foundry
Romney Holds 47-46 Lead in D+9 WaPo Poll: JWF
Do the debates pose a problem for Obama?: Rubin

The Exact Opposite of Truth: RSM
Birth of a Campaign Smear: Radio Equalizer
ACORN-backed group to get bad votes counted in Ohio: WZ


Starving Amidst Plenty: Sultan Knish
U.S. Debt On Track to Hit $16 Trillion Within Week: CNS
Healthcare Expert: ObamaCare to Kill 40K Seniors a Year: RSM

Our Highway to Hell: Pelerin
Debt clock to hit $16 trillion when Obama gives his DNC speech?: Troglo
Obamanomics: Homeless man hands out resume in downtown LA: KABC

Scandal Central

US Justice Department to monitor Arizona elections: East Valley
Issa Summons DOJ’s IG Horowitz to Capitol Hill for September Hearing on Fast and Furious: Nice Deb
College Students See Skyrocketing Costs for Health Insurance Thanks to Obamacare: LoneCon

Climate & Energy

Arctic Ice Hits 'Record' Low!? Explaining the Arctic melting hype: Depot
Manufacturer: EPA against all fossil fuels, not just coal: BDTonline


Romney To Politico: Do You Want Personal Appeal Or Confidence?: Cove
Obama has kept his promises of hope and change: Telford
NBC Offers Correction on Astronaut Lance Armstrong: Cube

Occupy Wall Street Responds to Occupy Unmasked: MB
Skateboarding into Victimhood Superstardom: PJM
Newt Gingrich plays hardball, calls Chris Matthews out for his racism: Twitchy

Mark Levin explains the RNC rules change and why we must defeat it [Update: DEFEATED]: Scoop
A Letter from Morton Blackwell to RNC Delegates: RLC
Florida Jews Blacklisted From Obama Synagogue Campaign Event: MagNote


Al-Qaeda Advertises on the Internet for Suicide Bombers: Sentinel
Israeli 'occupation' a relic of the past: ynet
Misunderstanderers of Islam Behead 17 Afghan Civilians at a Party: ABC

Why Sunni Islamism is the world’s greatest threat: BRubin
DNC’s Muslim prayer session Imam: U.S. will fall unless it ‘accepts the Islamic agenda’: FAM
Exclusive: SEAL Ad to Excoriate Obama for Bowing to Foreign Leaders: Breitbart

A Recent Case Sheds Light on the Muslim Brotherhood, but Most Republicans Ignore It: McCarthy
The Endless War: Saudi Arabia Goes on the Offensive Against Iran: OilPrice
Spain's Economic Collapse Results In Whopping 5% Deposit Outflow In July: ZH


Analysis: How Apple overwhelmed Samsung's patent case tactics: Trib
Why Severe Heart Attacks Are Becoming Less Deadly: ABC
Google responds to Apple v. Samsung verdict: most claims 'don't relate' to 'core Android': Verge


If He loses He didn’t do it on his own, somebody else made that happen: MOTUS
OMG Signs Spotted in Maine: Urban Infidel
Supercat is out of the bag: Soylent (NSFW)

Image: Cops Outnumber Anarchist Marchers on Day One of RNC Protests – One Arrest
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QOTD: "But for the more elite and influential progressive, affluence has allowed liberal orthodoxy to evolve to its theoretical limitations. There is a reason why 90% of professors — life-long tenure, summers off, guaranteed pay raises — are liberal and 70% of small-business people are conservative. The more removed one becomes from the elemental struggle to eat one more day — and never in the history of civilization have so many been so exempt from such existential worries — the more one enjoys the luxury of pondering more cosmic issues such as extending Social Security disability payments to youths suffering from attention deficit disorder or mandating gay history in state public schools or saving the smelt." --Victor Davis Hanson

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