Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh. My.

I've tried to avoid mentioning The Senate Candidate Who Shall Not Be Named for obvious reasons, but couldn't help notice this delightful advertisement:


I think that says just about everything we need to know. Look, if I lived in Missouri, I would vote for a freshly caught halibut over Claire McCaskill, because I'm pretty sure the halibut wouldn't regularly vote -- as McCaskill does -- to destroy our country with unsustainable levels of debt.

Yes, I would vote for TSCWSNBN. But I certainly don't have to like it.


Bones said...

I think Akin got bit by something we all have buried in our memory. Call it urban legend, old wives tales or just slob knowledge. Things that were told to us that we took as true without any question or data. As an example “we need 6 to 10 glasses of water a day or we will get dehydrated”. Most people just except that and repeat it without ever seeing any data from tests. Akin just repeated one of those slob knowledge bits about rape in an interview and, being a professional politician, should have known better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug why don't you and the rest of the GOP bedwetters give this a rest? It is not as if you could do anything about MO elections.