Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Consumer Metrics Institute sees "a spectacular deterioration" of consumer behavior due to unicorn shortage and Obama policies, but mostly Obama policies

But, Melvin, he was so historic:

August 14, 2012 - Our Weighted Composite Index Continues to Plunge

The year-over-year data in our Weighted Composite Index has continued a spectacular deterioration over the past month:

...Just as our Weighted Composite Index soared last year as gasoline prices dropped, we are now seeing our year-over-year metrics dive as a result of weakening comparisons against much stronger year-ago consumer activities...

...last year's summer splurge by consumers is clearly visible, as is the general weakening (or re-normalization) during the first half of this year...

...furthermore, we believe that [rising gas prices] could impact short term consumer behavior in the coming months... For [this and other] reasons we don't expect any of our charts to reverse course prior to November 6th.

But, hey, we didn't need that Keystone XL pipeline, did we?


Anonymous said...

notice that the cratering of behavior occurred as soon as the health care decision came down from the SC.

The_Bad said...

Don't you know that the Keystone pipeline would kill more unicorns? Have you no shame, sir?