Friday, August 24, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Back In The USSR: American Life Under Obama

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Back In The USSR: American Life Under Obama: IBD
Obama and the Asphalt Plantation: Cary
Michelle Obama Urges Voters to Get to the Polls on November 2: JWF

U. Col. Election Model Predicts: Huge Romney Victory: Ace
Immigration Agents sue Napolitano over Amnesty program: Fox
Amazon Election Heat Map Predicts Anti-Obama Landslide: MB

Obama’s Unqualified Support of Late-Term Abortion: MB
McCaskill on Clinton: I don't want my daughter near him: Breitbart
Romney, Obama Both Struggle to Connect: Rasmussen


Carney grilled as Obama silence on dire CBO warning: Scoop
Obama's vision for U.S.: An entitlement society: Blogmocracy (2010)
Voters fret about economy, Dems focus on abortion: Exam

Economic Inequality: a Small Price to Pay for Staying Human: Cube
Another Recession is Imminent: Foundry
US Postal Service losses explained: Part XXXIV: Malkin

Scandal Central

“Clean Energy” Is Obama-Speak for Crony Government: Malkin
Leakgate: Obama's Unspinnable Scandal: IBD
Obama Fundraises With NBA Player Who Stars in "Stop Snitchin'" Drug-Dealing Video: Ace

Climate & Energy

On energy, Obama rewards friends and punishes enemies: Exam
Climate-Gate Zealot Continues Three-Ring Circus: IBD
Romney Plan Would Make America An Energy Superpower: IBD


My Dream became NBC Nightmare – #BlackConservativesforRomney: NewsNinja
Jake Tapper: “Media Helped Tip the Scales” Towards Obama in 2008: AIM
Young Barack Obama's Genuinely Hilarious Self-Parody: BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed: Romney's Welfare Ad Alludes to a Coming "Race War," An Idea "Percolating" In Conservative Media: Ace
BRUTAL: Anderson Cooper obliterates DNC Chair over her lies about Romney’s stance on abortion: Scoop
Will CNN Get Around to Covering Dem Lawmaker Who Had Sex With 17-Year-Old Boy at a Rest Stop?: MenRec

It's ADMIRAL McRaven, Mr President! Obama botches rank of top Navy SEAL: DailyMail
Yay! Mike Mann took the bait, intends to file lawsuit against Steyn and NRO: Watts
Do NOT miss this: Look who's representing climate hoax promoter Michael Mann: Nelson


Obama's Arab Spring Thingy Is A Huge Disaster: HySci
Islamic Beard Overshadows U.S. Military Code In Fort Hood Case: IBD
Pic of the Day: WZ


What Facebook Deals with Everyday: 2.7B Likes, 300M Photos Uploaded and 500 Terabytes of Data: Gizmodo
Microsoft changes its logo for the first time in 25 years: 9to5Mac
Romaine Jerome Targets The Wealthy Arcade Lover With New Pac-Man Watch: Crunch


Meet Russian Team of Gold-Winning Synchronized Swimmers: Cube
A Fistful of Rape: Empire of Jeff (Language Warning)
Armstrong facing loss of 7 Tour de France Titles: AP

Image: McCaskill on Bill Clinton in '06: 'I Don't Want My Daughter Near Him'
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QOTD: [On Dana Milbank's idiotic implication that a storm in Tampa would be God's wrath unleashed on Republicans] "They told me if I voted for John McCain, crazed theocrats in Washington would be reading theological implications into everyday events. And they were right!" --Glenn Reynolds

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