Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Has Anyone Noticed Obama's Campaign is Falling Apart at the Seams?

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Has Anyone Noticed Obama's Campaign is Falling Apart?: Ricochet
Feminists Hit DNC Over Anti-Women Policies For Convention: Cove
On that potentially troublesome Cook County poll: RS

Democrat Long Knives Come Out For Wasserman Schultz: Shark
Obama: I Don't Take SEAL Groups Working Against Me "Seriously": WZ
Akin and the Politicization of Women’s Healt: AUL

Journo-Tools for Obama: Malkin
MN Democrat urged to step down amid sex scandal: S&L
Mia Love Gets Prime Time Speaking Slot at RNC: Bruce


Housing Bubble, Financial Crisis - Who, What: TJ Hancock
Small Businesses Owners Overwhelmingly Favor Romney: LoneCon
Two Gas Price Graphs: Bizzy

Education Lunacy: Williams
Holder DOJ Intentionally Recruiting "Intellectually Disabled": Tatler
Why Ryan Might Be Right: Samuelson

Obama: The government will buy meat and drive prices up, okay?: Q&O
The closer you look at Obamacare, the more it looks like Medicaid: AEI
Obamanomics: Almost 500,000 Federal Workers Make Over $100,000: Breitbart

Scandal Central

Democrat National Convention Welcomes Radical Islamists to the Fold: RS
Your children will eat what Michelle Obama tells them to eat, and nothing else: WyBlog
What We Got for the $535 Million Obama Flushed Down Solyndra: MB

Climate & Energy

Federal Court Kills EPA Cross-State Regulations: CDN
Fracking Leads To Cleaner Air: IBD
Court Strikes Down EPA’s Abuse of Power: Foundry


White House Sets Ground Rules for Local Interviews: Dossier
Obama Tells Local Reporters What They Can Ask Before Interviews: LoneCon
CBS's Norah O'Donnell: Obama Has To Answer For The Tone Of His Campaign.: Instapundit

Niall "Hit The Road Barack" Ferguson Responds To The "Liberal Blogosphere": ZH
Polll: Romney Ahead of Obama in Texas Michigan: Ace
Oops: Michelle Obama Repeatedly Utters Vulgar, Racist Language in Front of Children: JWF

A Powerful Movie: Sowell
Art Cashin On The New Normal's New Populism: 165 Million As State Dependents?: ZH
How Pussy Riot bamboozled the media: Marsden


Egypt Moves Closer to Iran, Moves Forces Close to Israel: AIM
Germany: "Islamists Want to Bring Jihad to Europe": Gatestone
Iran Unveils Upgraded Short-Range Missile: ABC

The Muslim Brotherhood Builds a Totalitarian State in Egypt: Gatestone
Obama has not met expectations, says... French magazine: Hayom
Detained and flogged in Saudi Arabia: Nagla Wafa's story: AhramOnline

New Low: Obama Adds Patriotic Special Op Groups To His Enemies List: Nice Deb
San Fran officials pick sides in ad wars, choose jihad: Creeping
Spain Predicts 4.3% Bump in Tax Revenues, Actually Gets 3.5% Drop; Proposed "Solution" More Tax Hikes: Mish

Sci-Tech (via

New hover vehicle is straight out of 'Star Wars': Fox
Is that sushi safe?: Fox
Peter Thiel sells 20 million Facebook shares: ZDNet


Networks Unveil New Logos Prior to Election: IMAO
Communist Party Endorses Obama For 2012: FoxNation
Will Obama Keep Power 'by Any Means Necessary'?: AT

Image: Mia Love Gets Prime Time Speaking Slot at RNC Convention
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QOTD: "The core of the argument ['Hit the Road, Barack', the Newsweek cover story], which not one of my critics has addressed, is that he did not manage well his economics team. More seriously, he delegated the legislation. He delegates the detail on the key issues: stimulus, health care and financial reform to his own party in Congress. We should really talk about Pelosicare, not Obamacare. That’s the key issue. It’s not about how the economy performed. We all know this was a tremendously difficult inheritance. It is about how he has performed as the leader of the executive branch and I feel it is very clear he has fallen short...

...What I say that it is not that we should judge him as an economist. We should judge him on the promise of effective leadership and decisive change. If you assess him as a leader, not as an economist, I think it is not an impressive record. That is really the sad truth.” --Historian Niall Ferguson

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