Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Top 10 Mark Levin Transcripts

Each one of these posts -- if I may say so -- is a must-read.

Why Liberalism is the Philosophy of the Stupid
Mark Levin describes the liberals' dichotomy: do as I say, not as I do.

The Time Is Now
A classic rant, transcribed for your reading pleasure, that offers the quintessential description of the free market.

Neurosurgeon Briefed by HHS Reveals Obamacare's Death Panels
A neurosurgeon who returned from a briefing in DC describes precisely how Obamacare's new rules for treatment will work (or not work) for seniors.

A Society Has To Be Insane...
What does government do well? And why should government be entrusted with powers outside that explicitly enumerated in the Constitution?

Former Marine Strike Planner on Obama's Azerbaijan Leak: "Start viewing this administration as an existential threat to Israel"
This administration is not going to do anything to stop the Iranian terror state from acquiring nuclear weapons. In fact, they are actively working against America's closest allies to prevent a strike against Iran. They are, under Obama's orders, leaking highly classified information to America's enemies through the media.

The Reason I Detest the Left
An epic rant by the Great One on the immorality of the Left's claims over your labor and your life.

Your health care bill is a fraud, Mr. President, and you, sir, are a liar
After the disgusting machinations that saw Obamacare passed into law, Levin eviscerated the lies and cronyism required to force it down the American people's throats. This is the transcript.

I've Finally Found the Statist's Utopia
Where on Earth can the Statist's endgame be found? Levin provides a definitive answer.

What kind of political party is it that employs a strategy built upon such truly sick lies?
The outrageous statements by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi -- as Levin describes -- are the products of a philosophical sickness.

Caller Describes How Nancy Pelosi and her Husband Abuse Their Power to Stiff Small Business
An administrator for a plumbing company describes how Nancy Pelosi and her husband -- who are worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars -- use their power in Washington to avoid paying bills.

Bonus: Mark Levin's Top 50 Nicknames for Democrats and Vintage Media Types
A must-read.

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Anonymous said...

Come Monday, I have listened to every minute of the previous week on Levin's replay. I love and respect this man, he's at the very top. His passion and love for America is fabulous.

When he says he feels he was born at the wrong time and would have been right at home in colonial America, I believe his time is now. His clarion call, stated so forcefully in his last two books, to head off this statist monster before it consumes us, is being heard throughout the land.

God bless Mark Levin