Friday, August 17, 2012

City Watch Los Angeles: California is on the way to becoming an enormous version of Detroit

I love California -- and the Palo Alto area in particular -- but the state is destined for a fall that will be hard, sudden, and very painful.

California has a $16 billion deficit that no one seems to notice. Brown’s budget “assumes” that California voters will pass massive tax increases on themselves. If they do not, the 2013 deficit becomes a mind-numbing $20 billion. The budget, mandated to balance by the Calfornia Constitution, has been billions in the red for 10 straight years. How could Californians re-elect the same politicians year after year that produce budgets with multi-billion dollar deficits?

To protect the endangered Delta Smelt, a fish known better as bait, water has been diverted from the Central Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Orchards in the Central Valley have been allowed to wither and die, resulting in unemployment in the Central Valley as high as 40 percent. Imagine Californians living in what was the breadbasket of American now living on food stamps. California voters rejected Republican Carly Fiorina for US Senator in 2010. She ran Hewlett Packard. Instead, they re-elected Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, who vowed to protect the Delta Smelt at the expense of the Central Valley.

California has 519 state agencies, like the state Blueberry Commission, that pay each of their commissioners more than $100,000 per year. State politicians, when asked to make cuts, fire teachers and fire fighters to inflict maximum pain on its citizens, while leaving these patronage commissions intact.

State politicians have elevator operators in the state capital to push the buttons for them. Their solution for the overcrowding of the state’s prisons is to release inmates or transfer them to local facilities in already bankrupt cities. Yet, they are re-elected by California voters in numbers consistently higher than the old Soviet Politburo.

California’s public education system, once the envy of the world, now ranks 49th in the nation. Its business climate, according to 650 CEOs measured by Chief Executive Magazine, ranked dead last.

Apple will take 3,600 new jobs to Austin, Tex. at its $280,000,000 new facility. Texas ranked first in the same survey.

California unemployment is consistently higher than 10 percent of its workforce, but it’s under-employed, according to a Gallup poll, is 20 percent. There are few jobs for college students who graduate with as much as $100,000 in student loans. Despite the overwhelming evidence that bad public policy is chasing away jobs, the same state politicians are sent back to Sacramento every two years.

In the last two months, three California cities have declared bankruptcy. Compton is next. More will follow. Some cities will simply cease to exist due to $500 million in unfunded pension obligations they simply cannot meet.

The reason Democrat politicians and their supporters are completely insane is this: we can see the results of their policies in failed states like California.

Collective bargaining for public sector employees... unchecked environmental radicalism... crony capitalism... incredibly dense layers of regulation... demonization of business and industry... all the primary planks of the Democrat Party at the federal level.

The alarm claxons are going off not only in Cali, but also in Washington.

November is coming.


Dapandico said...

Reverse Grapes of Wrath. Cali's will migrate to the Okies.

Bones said...

As seen all over the world, bad government overcomes even the most abundant natural resources. Leaving poverty and hopelessness in its wake.

JimK said...

California likes extremes. So they took government to the extreme. Now it's killing the state. Mitt better not bail them out.

Cindy Martin said...


Mitt won't. But Obama will. vote Obama out of office.

Anonymous said...

Iz lives in Detroits, duz dis means I can still haves my baby mamas and free blocks of Obama cheese?

Anonymous said...

I am a native northern Californian. I support cutting all money and water supplies to s. California and let them be their own state.

wagsthedog said...

Why don't all the big-mouthed lefties in Hollywood put their money where their mouths are and bail out the state? What's 16 billion to the entire entertainment industry?

Unknown said...

I left Orange County (a red blob in a sea of blue) and moved to Nebraska...a place where the people's cerebral cortexes are not firmly inserted in their rectums. Seriously, it seemed like there were voter-approved tax hikes every year for stupid crap like a subway from downtown LA to Santa Monica and the bullet train from LA to San Fran...not to mention there were no jobs to be had- unless you were a union railroad builder. If you love gun control, or are an illegal alien who wants free daycare for your kids (public schools), or someone who thinks Nancy Pelosi is brilliant, then Cali is the place for you. But who knows, maybe the state will get lucky and the San Andreas fault will rupture and drop the coastal (blue) half into the Pacific...