Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Creepy, Omnipresent Obama Logo Even Hidden Deep Inside the President's Campaign Websites

You've seen the ubiquitous Obama logo -- sometimes dubbed "The Eye of Sauron" by certain irreverent wags -- appear on everything from airplanes to leather seat cushions. The mark is designed to brand Mr. Obama, to establish an iconography around the man that symbolizes, well, not hope and change any longer, but perhaps power and inevitability

And just when you thought you'd seen it all, it appears that the Obama fundraising website (, no hyperlink, intentionally) includes hidden logos, buried inside the markup -- or HTML -- used to construct the website. Performing a View >> Source on the Obama website reveals the following:

There is only one reason that a web designer would include the extra (and technically useless) markup: to further establish Obama's bizarre cult of personality.

The omnipresent logo is downright creepy and it smacks of something, at best, un-American and, at worst, totalitarian.

Remember in November.

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Redwine said...

This is a deeply sick personality cult. This is a method of indoctrination in the manner of subliminal seduction. This shadow Mussolini needs to be torn away from the fabric of this nation before he completely decimates it.

I so wish that Romney would stand up and fight back.