Saturday, August 11, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: America CAN Be SAVED: The Ryan Revolution Begins!

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America CAN Be SAVED: The Paul Ryan Revolution Begins!: CFP
Romney chooses Paul Ryan as running mate: Exam
Excerpts of Ryan's Speech: WS

Recent examples of Mitt Romney’s inner-Reagan: Kudlow
Archbishop: Catholic Voters Must Not Vote for Intrinsic Evil: Lopez
Surprise! Obamacare Rebate May Stall In Employers Hands: Cove


2012 Election Is The Last Exit Ramp Before The Death Spiral: Steyn
'1,200 Days, $5T in New Debt Since Dems Passed a Budget': WS
U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse: Reuters

Washington Post Attempts To Dispell 5 Myths About Stimulus: RWN
Teen Who Ran Hot Dog Stand To Help Family Now Homeless: RWN
Postal Service Losing $42,335,766 Per Day: CNS

Scandal Central

Confused Why Goldman Will Face No Criminal Charges?: ZH
Illegal IRS Rule to Increase Taxes & Spending under Obamacare: Cato
Obama Website Still Features Joe Soptic Lie: Nice Deb


AP Report on West Coast Gas Prices Moving to $4 Ignores They’re Already There: Bizzy
MSNBC's Alter: 'A Lot of People Will Die' If Romney Is Elected: NB
8-Year-Old Girl With Asperger's Denied Entry Into Obama Campaign Event : MenRec

AWESOME: PAC does MSM job for them, exposes collusion between OFA, Burton’s SuperPAC: Scoop
MSNBC's Alter: 'A Lot of People Will Die' If Romney Is Elected: NB
NYT introduces us to couple Romney didn’t try to kill with cancer: Hot Air

It’s About Time… Romney Releases Ad Highlighting Obama’s Ugly Character Flaws: GWP
Obama's Campaign One Of The Dirtiest In Modern Times: Goldberg
AP’s Fahey Worries That High Gas Prices Might ‘Put Pressure’ on Obama Re-elect Effort: Bizzy

Time, CNN Suspend Zakaria for Plagiarism: NB
The Hashtag That Changed History: RSM
Shock: Bogus GOP candidate Huntsman to speak at DNC: Breitbart


Iran’s nuclear program designed to ‘finish off’ Israel, Hezbollah MP says: Times of Israel
The Looming War for Syria's Chemical Weapons: CuttingEdge
Dershowitz says NJDC should apologize to Adelson: Hayom

University of California Infested With Anti-Semitism, Students Fight To Dismiss Report: RWN
Saudi Arabia media ignores historic Olympic Games of female athletes: StlToday
Obama praises Muslim Brotherhood's Abedin as 'patriot' at White House Ramadan dinner: Politico

Krauthammer: Our men are getting shot in Afghanistan and Commander-in-Chief is AWOL: Scoop
Former Illegal Immigrant Carries US and Mexican Flag After Winning Silver Medal: AllAm
Paul Ryan Gave One Hell Of A Campaign Speech Last Night: Ace (2011)


This Is Curiosity's Latest Masterpiece: AtlWire
New 'Gauss' Computer Virus Prowling Middle East: AP
Building soldiers Spider-Man suits: DefTech


Go ahead, steal my pen: C&S
Hi Bob! Hi Joe!: MOTUS
Tell Us How Mitt Romney Has Destroyed Your Life!: Cube

Image: Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: America's Comeback Team -- Romney/Ryan

QOTD: "Joe Biden just sharted his Depends." --JTT

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