Sunday, August 12, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Demoralized as Hell: Paul Ryan Edition

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Demoralized as Hell: Paul Ryan Edition: DTG
Why Obama Won’t Allow Interviews of Supporters at His Rallies: LoneCon
Obama holds big dollar fundraiser at his Rezko mansion: Marathon

The Most Divisive Campaign in American History: Knish
Ryan-Mania: The First Romney/Ryan Ad Appears Online: Nice Deb
50 Shades of Paul Ryan: RWN

Paul Ryan, Republican Vice Presidential Nominee: P&F
Conflict of Visions: Pethokoukis
Optimism for a Change: NoisyRm


Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” Debunked in Two Pictures: IMAO
10 Reasons Paul Ryan Should Be Mitt Romney's VP Pick: USN&WR
Six Minutes of Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending: C-SPAN

Scandal Central

Untangling Operation Fast And Furious: Fronteras
Looming F&F report to hit at peak political time: Fox
'Fast and Furious' Fallout at Your Local Gun Shop? : OutdoorLife


Everything You Need To Know About Paul Ryan In One Quote: Glob
Conservatives to Ryan budget-bashers: Go ahead, make our day: Twitchy
The Romney-Ryan Ticket Yields The Best Campaign Catchphrase Ever...: Looking Spoon

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Rally A Large, Enthusiastic Crowd In Manassas, VA : Marooned in Marin
Dems Pretend to be Excited Over Ryan Pick; They Celebrated Cheney, Too: Breitbart
Exciting!!! #RomneyRyan2012 #TCOT : Zilla

This Team is Big Fail! : Morlock Revolt
National Jewish Democrats: Who Do They Speak For ?: RWN
Krauthammer Smacks Down Simon's Welfare Ad Dog Whistle Charge: 'Was Clinton Racist?': NB


WIKILEAKS: Surveillance Cameras Around The Country Are Being Used In A Huge Spy Network: Insider
Why we should worry about Turkey's missing jet: Gatestone
US Navy ship collides with oil tanker in Gulf: AP

‘American Patriot’: Obama Praises Clinton Aide Huma Abedin During Ramadan Dinner: Blaze
Saudi Arabia plans women-only city: Global Post
Report: Racial profiling alleged at Boston airport : AP


Curiosity's mysterious Mars photo stirs speculation: Phys
CERN scientists explain what would happen if you put your hand in the LHC's beam: Engadget
Lost Egyptian pyramids found by Google Earth : Global Post


This Week in Automotivators, August 6-12: RWN
Clint Eastwood Opines on the Obama Years: IMAO
Crude, Rude, and Not Very Shrewd: MB

Image: The Romney grandkids and Ryan kids "bus surfing"
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QOTD: "There is not a single Obama voter anywhere in the land who believes that another four years of him will make this country better. Not a single one from coast to coast. No, what they believe is that he will make the country a worse place for those people that they hate... What they believe is that Obama will grant their group more special privileges and the rest of the country can go to hell...

...This is an election contest between the United States and an emerging Post-American order. That entity will be an American EU run by unelected bureaucrats, governed by politically correct technocrats and upheld by corrupt financial pirates disguising the collective bankruptcy with numbers games so elaborate that they make every billion-dollar con game and pyramid scheme that has come before seem as simple as child's play." --Daniel Greenfield

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