Saturday, August 04, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The shocking truth that Harry Reid can't deny

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The shocking truth that Harry Reid can't deny: Malcolm
6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama!: NoisyRm
Obama frags military voters: Times

Dr. Obama, Your Patient, America, Is Not Ready for Hospice: DLim
Gun Owner Saves Cop's Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman!: Guns
Chick-Fil-A Spraypainted with Message “Tastes Like Hate”: Sooper

The Heavy Burden of Government: Rasmussen
Obama’s DREAM Order Allows Minor Criminals To Stay For $465: RWN
Obama App Allows You To Locate Home Of The Nearest Obamabot: WZ


Geithner, You Magnificent Bastard!: Innocent
Obama's Real Unemployment Rate Is In Double Digits: IBD
Rising unemployment numbers good for Obama!: Hill

This Jobs Report Was Anemic: Mish
WSJ Reveals Huge Hidden Union Political Spending: NLPC
The Chik-fil-A Controversy Explained in One Simple Picture: IMAO

Scandal Central

Emails Show Solyndra Push Was Rahm Emanuel's Idea: IBD
WH Chief of Staff Daley Briefed on Solyndra Concerns, Email Says: ABC
What Are The Chances? Obama, Jarrett, and Axelrod, All Connected to Communist Frank Marshall Davis: Loudon

Climate & Energy

If It’s Summer, It Must Be Time for the Left’s Annual War on Air Conditioning: Driscoll
Obama’s Radical Leftist Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein Resigns: WZ
No Wonder Libtards Hate Fracking: Ace


Attack of the Cookie Monster: Beacon
EXCLUSIVE---MUST CREDIT ACE: Harry Reid's Office Responds To Rumors He's A Pederast: Ace
DCCC Issues Public Apology To Sheldon Adelson For ‘Chinese prostitution’ Slander: Nice Deb

Fighting Reid With Reidiness: MB
Chick-fil-A Kiss-In, Hollywood: The Pictures: Zombie (Language Warning)
Former Limbaugh Advertiser Carbonite Admits Ditching Host Harmed Profits: NB

Why Doesn't Harry Reid Answer Sourced Accusations Of Racism And Corruption?: Riehl
BUSINESS WEEK: Solyndra is Obama’s Baby: CFP
Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney (Updated): Politico

Obama’s Little Helper: The Triumphant Return of TOTUS XD-235: Driscoll
Horse Hockey: The Left’s Rafalca Derangement Syndrome: Malkin
Occupy Oakland Protesters Vandalize Obama Campaign Office: Sooper


The Civilization of Guns: Innocent
Abedin Family Journal Promoted Muslim Brotherhood Views: Bostom
North Korea Allows Broadcasts of Olympics : WSJ

Obama Administration Frees Terrorist Who Tortured To Death 5 Captured U.S. Soldiers: Jawa
Obama Embraces The Islamist Enemy Within: IBD
Panetta Attempts to Reassure and Restrain Israel on the Iran Nuclear Issue: Foundry


History And Science Predict A Violent Political Upheaval In 2020: Insider
Facebook hackers pwn baseball team pages, claim NY Yankees captain is having sex change: Sophos
Professor Billionaire: The Stanford Academic Who Wrote Google Its First Check: Forbes


Rush Is Told That Obama Had the Lowest Grades of Any Harvard Graduate Ever: iOTW
I Saw It on the Internet: Ace
Swarm of thousands of bees delays Pittsburgh flight: AP

Image: Sondrakistan
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QOTD: "This month, those "not" in the labor force increased by 348,000 to 88,340,000, another record high. If you are not in the labor force, you are not counted as unemployed... In the last year, those "not" in the labor force rose by 2,027,000...

Over the past several years people have dropped out of the labor force at an astounding, almost unbelievable rate, holding the unemployment rate artificially low... Given the complete distortions of reality with respect to not counting people who allegedly dropped out of the work force, it is easy to misrepresent the headline numbers.

Digging under the surface, the drop in the unemployment rate over the past two years is nothing but a statistical mirage. Things are much worse than the reported numbers indicate." --Mike Shedlock

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QueMan said...

You need to do something on this Doug...and what happened to contacting you???

This is what I sent to my wife...

"Whats wrong with this headline....?

This is the crap that is being reported on Drudge and the american dumass sheeple don't question....

"Eliminated badminton team wins bronze..."

HUH??? How could a team eliminated during a massive scandal at the olympics win a medal that has been known for several olympics???

Earlier this week in london...the women's teams of china, south korea, and Indonesia were eliminated due to throwing their matches to play less stronger teams in the medals round.

However though the chineses women's team was eliminated some how they found a way to win the olympic bronze in this sport!!! How??? I can't figure it out even from the article...can you ...???

Have a great day!!!" (The actual ending is for my wife an my self...)