Thursday, August 09, 2012

They Told Us

They told us that our borders were "as secure as they've ever been".

They told us that taking trillions of dollars from the most productive citizens and giving it to those "who truly needed it" would cure poverty.

They told us that allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons would turn our streets into rivers of blood.

They told us that giving home loans to those who couldn't afford them would make the American dream achievable for all.

They told us that paying into the Social Security "Trust Fund" would guarantee a comfortable retirement for everyone.

They told us that letting teachers unionize in public schools would help inner city students reach for the stars.

They told us that the federal government could run a guaranteed, affordable, and profitable health care program for seniors.

They told us that the new employment paradigm consisted of millions of "green jobs".

They told us that supporting immoral and criminal behavior wouldn't result in the breakdown of the two-parent family.

They told us that spending trillions on Stimulus programs would heal a damaged economy.

They told us that raising taxes on corporations and "the rich" would create more jobs.

They told us that intentionally restricting access to our own sources of energy would reduce dependence on foreign oil.

They told us that spreading unemployment benefits and food stamps far and wide would help the economy.

They told us that, despite other failed government health care programs, they could successfully take over the entire medical system.

They told us that their record-breaking borrowing could never result in a downgrade of the United States' AAA credit rating.

They told us that "the Constitution doesn't matter".

They told us that anyone who opposes their unconstitutional, un-American, reckless and failed policies are racists.

Well, I'm here to tell you:

Everything they told us was a lie.

Everything they told us was wrong.

Intentionally, diabolically, criminally wrong.

And if we don't vote out every Democrat politician -- at every level of government -- in 2012, this beautiful Republic, this magnificent country, this bastion of free enterprise and private property rights, this shining city on a hill... well, it will be finished.


Reliapundit said...

yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

Be a pragmatist and project yourself into the most likely future, where the majority of the world has either raised up from poverty or slid down from the 1st world into a kind of South American style 2nd world economy.

The vast peak of people in the middle of the bell curve will have either the power of the most votes or the power of the mob. Will this mass of people in the middle respect the efforts of the most productive few, or will they find it easier to attempt to harness them?

And what will the actions of the people at the right end of the bell curve be? Will they openly flaunt their exceptionalism, and risk being harnessed like a horse? Probably only the stupidest among them will do that. Or will they use their superior powers to secret themselves and ingratiate themselves with the mob in the middle, as the limousine liberals do today?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

And after we vote them out we bring them up on charges for violating their oath of office and toss them in a prison cell.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing I like better than a good rant. A little substance in back of it makes it all the better.


Anonymous said...

Who caused most of the above issues? Short memory, huh--the re-
publican party with a collective IQ
of 2 above plant life.

When was the last time a Republican had an idea to help an average American?

Answer: the 35th of neverary

directorblue said...

@Anon 1:02 - Hey, schmuck.

You're an idiot.

Republicans didn't create any of the entitlement programs.

Read a book for a change, you dope.