Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Top US General: Obama Has Caused Military Readiness to Fall to Historic Levels

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Top US General: Obama Behind Fall of Military Readiness to Historic Lows: RWN
Iran: US agreed to immediate lift of sanctions: RS
Barack Obama Tells Congress Not To Overreach: Sara Noble

The Iran ‘Agreement’ Charade: Thomas Sowell
Obama: 'Misjudgment' for Israel to Demand Iran Recognize Right to Exist: Mediaite
Half Million Illegal Aliens Get California Driver's Licenses: Breitbart

Job One: Teach millennials about the real Hillary: LI
Hillary Commits A Crime & They Defend Her: Martin Armstrong
Her Royal Heinous vs. the Democrat Opposition: Doris O'Brien

Welcome to the Arena, Senator Paul: Erick Erickson
Big Business Targets Conservatives: Erick Erickson
When Wildcats Attack: Cameron Gray


The IRS delays yet another piece of Obamacare. Like they do.: Moe Lane
Suntrust Bank Cancels Account Because Company Sells Guns: Samuel M. McCall
Barry University suspends Project Veritas student journalist: Amy Miller

Scandal Central

La Raza Provides Illegal Aliens With Info on Where They Can Vote Illegally: Steven Ahle
Lying Democrats: Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder have no shame: Joseph Curl
Plumber confesses: I rigged illegal gas-blast line for landlord’s son: Post

Claim: Bombshell NCIS Report Reveals Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘Deliberate’ Plan: Jason Howerton
White House: Dems Criticizing Iran Deal Are "Principled" But GOP Just Trying to Sabotage: Katie Pavlich
Attention, ALL 2016 Presidential campaigns. Please film ALL your candidate’s ‘private’ appearances.: Moe Lane

Climate & Energy

The Drought: California Apocalypto: Victor Davis Hanson
The Scorching of California: How Green extremists made a bad drought worse: Victor Davis Hanson
Poll: More Americans Trust Fox News than Obama on Climate Change: Matt Wilstein


Rifles at the Door: Mark Steyn
Fact-Checking The Fact Checkers: Politico Stumbles In Its Super-Sleuthing: Exposing Obamacare
Jaw Dropper: Obama On GOP Letter To Iran – Democrats Would Never Have Tried To “Undermine” Bush: WZ

Is This Supposed To Be An Apology?: Dana Loesch
Harry Reid Beaten By His Brother Larry ?…: Treehouse
Conservatives Call on Apple to Pull Out of Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran: John Hawkins


Benghazi, Bergdahl, and the Bomb: Matthew Continetti
Saudis: This nuke deal is going to make our war with Iran-backed proxies harder to fight: Noah Rothman
Citing Reality – Canada Will Not Lift Sanctions On Iran…: Treehouse

Iran Transfers Tens of Millions to Hamas to Rebuild Terror Tunnels: Algemeiner
Southern residents alarmed by Hamas tunnel rebuilding: Hayom
American Who Recruits Untold Numbers of Fighters for ISIS Finally Gets Confronted: IJR

Soldiers Sit Through ‘White Privilege’ Presentation — and the Backlash Isn’t Pretty: Blaze
Five Moscow Lies Suggest What Putin is Likely to Do Next in Ukraine: Paul Goble
Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Flies Communist China’s Flag At State Capitol: Deanna Fisher

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tomahawk Cruise Missile Hits Moving Ship Target: Kris Osborn
Enjoy a terrifying 10,000 foot GoPro camera freefall: Steve Dent, Engadget
Instagram Scores Highest for March Madness Engagement: Al Urbanski, DMnews


Adventures in the Skin Trade: Ed Driscoll
In Sesame Street’s “Game of Chairs,” You Win Or You Try: Dangerous Minds
10 Medieval rabbits that hate Easter and want to kill you: The Poke

Image: American Who Recruits Fighters for ISIS Finally Gets Confronted
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QOTD: "What nature’s deadly four-year drought is teaching California is that even the liberal aristocracy eventually has a rendezvous with what they created.

All the capital, income, and influence in the state cannot guarantee exemption from their own self-induced chaos. Climbing atop the smokestacks of the sinking Titanic is of little use after you have deprecated the idea of more lifeboats." --Victor Davis Hanson

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