Monday, April 27, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Fall of the House of Clinton

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The Fall of the House of Clinton: Victor Davis Hanson
Hillary’s Day of Wrath: Jon Gabriel
Sick: 100% of Democrat Senators Vote to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth: Cassy Fiano

Obama's American Spring Explodes in Baltimore: NoisyRoom
The Baltimore protests — are they really about the police?: Power Line
My latest encounter with Nazi-like Muslim thugs: Pamela Geller

Christian Persecution in America: Will You Help The Christians?: Erick Erickson
Money in Politics: Derek Hunter
Supreme Court Justices Warned To Leave Marriage Alone : Bob Unruh

Cruz & Walker vs. Bush & Rubio on Amnesty and Immigration: CHQ
Cruz: There Is 'No Room For Christians In Today's Democrat Party': Mark Hanrahan
Sen. Ted Cruz • 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom Summit: NoisyRoom


Let’s You and Him fight: Elizabeth Warren v. Barack Obama: Moe Lane
Jew Hatred on Campus: David Horowitz
State sweep of gas stations finds illegal skimmers, most in South Florida: Sun-Sentinel

Scandal Central

Clinton Foundation distributed useless drugs to AIDS patients: Jerome R. Corsi
The IRS vs. the Church: Daniel John Sobieski
The Benghazi Timeline Updated: Where was the President for over Twelve Hours?: War of Words


For the Clinton Defense: Power Line
ABC & This Week With George Stephanopoulos owe their viewers an Apology: DTG
Washington Post gossip columnist ignored National Anthem: RS

If Only President Obama Weren’t Black: Erick Erickson
Will "Proven Losers" Cost Democrats Senate Races in '16?: David Byler
Hillary Clinton Wants To Overrule Christ: Norman Hooben


George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East Policy: Josh Rogin
Is Assad On His Way Out?: Walter Russell Mead
“Reclaim Australia” movement spreads Down Under: LI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

GoFundMe Will Raise $$$ for Murderers, Not Christian Bakeries: Daniel Greenfield
Tiny robots climb walls carrying more than 100 times their weight: Aviva Rutkin
DHS Opening Office In Silicon Valley To Complain To Tech Companies About Encryption: TechDirt


FLOTUS Frock Evolution: a Correspondents’ Dinner Retrospective: MOTUS
Surely you can’t be serious: An oral history of Airplane!: AV Club
Raw Video: Dramatic moment Nepal avalanche hit as desperate climbers on Mount Everest: Common Cents

Image: Washington Post gossip columnist ignored National Anthem
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QOTD: "It sure looks as if Hillary ran the State Department simply as an arm of the Clinton Foundation for the purpose of scooping up millions to line her greasy pockets." --DrewInWisconsin

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Live Stream: Baltimore protest follows Freddie Gray funeral