Friday, April 10, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: White House admits lying to Congress and America on Iran deal

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White House admits lying to Congress and America on Iran deal: RS
It's "unconscionable for Obama to forfeit Israel its right to exist": Scoop
The Iran Deal And Its Consequences: George P. Shultz, Henry A. Kissinger

Epic Fail Safe: Camp o' the Saints
DNC Chair OK with Aborting 7-lb Babies; Nets Silent: MRC
The ‘Obama Legacy?’ WH Now Has A Gender-Neutral Bathroom: Tammy Bruce

Jeb Bush Reveals His Anti-Israel Stance With Speech at Anti-Israel Conference: RWN
Elizabeth Warren Rocks Democratic Party By Announcing She’s Now Pro-Life: JWF
Quinnipiac: ‘It’s Virtually the Entire GOP Field That Is Running Better Against Her’: NRO

Rand Paul leads Hillary in Iowa polling: RS
Hillary Slipping in the Polls: Dick Morris
Rush Warns GOP: Media Now Shifting From Race To 'War on Women': RightPundit


Is the modern American university a failed state?: Victor Davis Hanson
Still Worth Arguing About the Financial Crisis: Mona Charen
S&P Warns Chicago: Pension, Budget Fix Needed Soon: BondBuyer

Scandal Central

Federal Judge Sanctions Obama Administration for Amnesty Lies: Steven Ahle
Dems Latest Donation Scheme: Scare Lib Base By Making Up “Breaking News”: WZ
Do #BlackLivesMatter When They're Christian, Mr President?: Mark Steyn

Hillary Reversed Position on Trade Deal With Colombia After Huge Donation to Clinton Foundation: Ace
IRS Docs Reveal Lerner Knew Targeting Criteria of Nonprofits ‘Might Raise Questions’: JW
Hillary For Sale: At Least $1 Million From Morocco Flowing Into Clinton Foundation: WZ

Climate & Energy

Green Peace co-founder Patrick Moore states why he's a climate change skeptic: Larry Elder
Why Obama Pretends That Global Warming Caused His Daughter’s Asthma: MB
Ice conditions tie up shipping traffic on eastern Lake Superior: Duluth News Tribune


Ted Cruz does fantastic in CNBC interview: Scoop
Hannity: There Is an “Unknown Something” with Obama, An Untold Story: GWP
After University Canceled ‘American Sniper’, Coach Harbaugh Made This Announcement: Blaze

Rand stands up to liberal media attack; left said he was picking on a girl: Tunnel Wall
Memories Pizza Reopens To Packed House, Lib Protesters Fail To Show: WZ
Why Walmart may be Forced to Stop Selling Guns and Ammunition: BuzzPo


Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us: Bill Whittle
'Not a framework deal, but rather deception': Nadav Shragai
'Iran helping Hamas, Hezbollah build fleet of suicide drones': JPost

ISIS Pushes Further into Syria: Jonathan Spyer
One Dictator Meets Another: Obama Shares A Dinner Table With Castro: Pat Dollard
Obama Tells Jamaicans The Secret To His Success: “Hard Work”: WZ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pentagon’s Next Bomber Will Be Built To Upgrade: DefenseOne
In The Netherlands, A Giant Wind Turbine For People To Live On: PopSci
This 2-Minute 4K Supercut of SpaceX Launches Is Some Great Space Porn: Jamie Condliffe


April 9, 1865. The Surrender at Appomattox: RS
The World Made Her a Laughingstock Thanks to This Photo, But...: RWN
Weebles Wobble Butt They Don’t Fall Down: MOTUS

Image: Severe weather forecast for East after tornandoes rip across Midwest
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QOTD: "U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen, who is hearing the lawsuit brought by 26 states against Obama’s illegal amnesty plan has lowered the boom on Obama and his thugs. On Tuesday, he upheld his injunction barring Obama from implementing his amnesty program and then issued a sanction against the Obama administration for lying in his court. He has ordered the DOJ to release all communications about the March 3rd advisory, including the names of those involved. This places Obama in a bad position because this judge does not bow to pressure from the administration and his tamestream press.

The order was issued because Obama’s lawyers told the judge that they would not implement Obama’s newest executive order giving work permits and temporary amnesty to up to 4 million illegal aliens. Obama’s lawyers later admitted that they had approved work permits for over 108,000 illegal aliens during the period they said they would take no action." --Steven Ahle

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