Friday, April 17, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Her Fakeness, Hillary Clinton

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Her Fakeness, Hillary Clinton: R.S. McCain
Iranian nukes, Corker-Menendez and more Failure Theater by the GOP: RS
ISIS In Mexico Means ISIS Is Here In The United States: NoisyRm

Dear Madam Yesterday: Erick Erickson
Vote for Iraq War underscores Hillary’s greatest weakness: Jonah Goldberg
Elizabeth Warren’s Education Power Grab Fails: Ben Howe

The Republican Obama?: Stephen Green
Ted Cruz: Rock Star: RS
Cruz campaign already raised FOUR MILLION from a lot of very small donors: Scoop

Obama’s Wanton Lawlessness Should Disturb All Americans: David Limbaugh
Hillary Clinton’s astroturfed grandparents: RS
Election 2016 Is Not About the Candidates: Scott Rasmussen


The Funny Things We Learned From The 2016 Presidential Budget: RS
Undeniable PROOF that government doesn’t create jobs: Allen West
Bernanke to advise hedge fund Citadel: NYT: Reuters

Scandal Central

Democrat Strategy: Ignore And Obfuscate: Market Ticker
Homeland Security Morale Woes Blamed on Immigration Policies (Video): David Eldridge
Sen. Bob Menendez legal defense fund has raised nearly $1.3M, records show: Fox

Climate & Energy

Obama Expected to Bind US to CO2 Reduction at Paris Climate Meeting This Year: S. Fred Singer
'Man-made disaster': California drought caused by misguided environment policies: Fox
Bummer: Colorado Climate Change Protest Hit With Cold, Snow: Cove


QOTD, ‘Monolith’ Actually Is The Best Word For Black Voting Patterns, Alas edition.: Moe Lane
The Deconstruction of Marriage: Daniel Greenfield
Slate: Obama’s pristine and scandal free reign is his gift to Hillary: RS

Anti-Clinton Book #1 on NYT Best Seller List: Sarah FIsher
Difference Between How Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton Treat a TMZ Reporter: IJR
Three "tough" questions reveal what kind of Democrat Hillary Clinton really is: WaPo


Putin Selling Air Defense to Iran to Destabilize Middle East, Drive Up Oil Prices: Paul Golble
Iranian Leader Khamenei: America Is A 'Cheater And A Liar'; Lausanne Declaration Is Nothing: MEMRI
'West has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust': Hayom

Don't let Hillary Clinton escape the blame for Libya's anarchy: Michael Brendan Dougherty
Ted Cruz Courts Orthodox Jews as Voters, Donors: NewsMax
Presidential candidate Ted Cruz winning American Orthodox hearts: Haaretz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How It Works: The Large Hadron Collider: PopSci
Microsoft Patents Eye Tracking System: Creates User Profile From What Users Look At: MN
Mini PC invasion: 10 radically tiny computers that fit in the palm of your hand: Brad Chaco


Butt Hilz Was Yesterday and Yesterday’s Gone.: MOTUS
Doddering grandma forgets traffic laws and parks in handicap space: RS
MSNBC's Harris-Perry Facing $70K IRS Tax Lien (Too Much On Tampon Earrings): Lid

Image: I Want To Put This Sign Up In Grass Valley, California
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QOTD: "Tax day is upon us again. But this year it’s different. This year, on top of the frustrating reminder that Americans are giving too much of their income to fund too many wasteful government programs, families are now being forced to pay the Obamacare tax for the first time.

Instead of government-run healthcare that increases taxes, limits options, and puts the government between patients and their doctors, imagine a free-market system that enables healthcare to be personal, portable and affordable. Instead of a tax code that crushes innovation and inflicts burdens on families struggling to make ends met, imagine a simple, flat tax that lets Americans fill out their taxes on a postcard. Imagine a tax code that is simple enough to abolish the IRS.

More of Americans’ hard-earned wages should be able to stay in their wallets so they can be free to invest more in their families and businesses, not in growing big government.

Tax reform is crucial to reversing our current economic stagnation, sparking economic growth, and expanding opportunity. I’m running for President because I believe that together, we can make D.C. listen, we can repeal Obamacare, we can implement fundamental tax reform, and we can restore our nation as a place that champions prosperity and opportunity for all." --Sen. Ted Cruz