Monday, April 13, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: 8 Reasons Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Will Be A Trainwreck

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8 Reasons Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Will Be A Trainwreck: Mollie Hemingway
No Questions, Please: Hillary Announces on Twitter: Roger L. Simon
Road Tripping Across America: Hilarity With Hillary: Erick Erickson

The Closing of the Sunday Show Mind: Erick Erickson
New Host of Face the Nation Advised Obama in 2013: ‘Destroy the GOP’: Ed Driscoll
The @NYTimes Thinks Recorded History Began in 2008: Joe Cunningham

Mediasplaining: Derek Hunter
Flashback: Hillary's Greatest Hits: GWP
#NoRePete: Sessions censors First Amendment: Cahnman

Time To Go On The Offense Against Liberalism: Kurt Schlichter
This billionaire hedge funder quietly bankrolling Ted Cruz's campaign: Colin Campbell
Republican money — big and small — went to Emanuel: Newsalert


Just a reminder: ‘Bush-era policies’ were as follows:: Moe Lane
Why Is Hillary Clinton Even Running?: Victor Davis Hanson
Staffer Tweets Pic Of Hillary With Random Family To Prove She’s Just Like Us: WZ

Scandal Central

Here’s a breakdown of every scandal swirling around Hillary: Maureen Callahan
Fail: New York Times Tries to Play Race Card, Rewrite History: Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart
Hillary's 'Spontaneous' Campaign Closed to Public This Week: AmPower

Climate & Energy

EPA Tells Kids to Avoid Baths and Asks them to Check Toilets for Leaks: Breitbart
California nervously clears (dry) throat, contemplates desalinization plants: Moe Lane
EPA's impossible ozone standard needs touch of reality: Mike McKell


Hillary’s New Logo Incites Hilarity From Both Left And Right.. And Claims Of Theft: WZ
Rand Paul Selling Hillary Clinton Hard Drives: RightPundit
Steve Kroft Upset Over Getting 60 Minutes Treatment: P.J. Gladnick

Anti-Hillary Street Art Hits LA Ghetto: GotNews
SNL Brings Back Darrell Hammond to Play Hillary’s ‘First Dude’ for Today’s Announcement: Mediaite
Ted Cruz Releases 'We're Ready for Hillary' Video: Yahoo UK


Obama Strangles Monroe Doctrine, Embraces Latin Dictatorships, Communists And Fascists: NoisyRm
Ted Cruz: Obama Is ‘Leaving Cuban People Imprisoned In The Past’: IJR
Belarus Must Vote This Year To Join Russia Or Face ‘Liquidation’: Paul Goble

Trouble for J Street? Liberal Jews Turn on Obama Over Iran Deal: Algemeiner
Turkish Religious Authority Allows Toilet Paper, Wife-Eating: MB
Blogger case shows Saudi hypocrisy: Trudy Rubin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Behind Time Warner Chief’s ‘Cord-Cutter’ Pitch: Keach Hagey
Despite Measuring Just 1.5 Inches, Pinch Titanium Multi-tool Still Packs 11 Functions: Mike Chua
Has Cloud ERP Reached a Tipping Point?: Alex Woodie


Too Soon to Go Full Totalitarian: Erick Erickson
Another Rendezvous With Destiny?: MOTUS
Open Thread: Skinny Dimwitted Actress Nags: Ace

Image: Anti-Hillary Street Art Hits LA Ghetto
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QOTD: "If Cuba will not show it can operate in good faith by making such changes before sanctions are lifted, we have no assurance that the Castros will take real action to improve the lives of their impoverished and oppressed citizens. Meanwhile, American dollars will flow exclusively into the Castros’ pockets while the Cuban people continue to suffer." --Sen. Ted Cruz

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