Saturday, April 25, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Who is really drawing out the Benghazi investigation?

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Who is really drawing out the Benghazi investigation?: Noah Rothman
‘Hillary Thinks She Is Bigger Than God’: Ed Driscoll
Is Obama Arming Iran for a Secret Reason?: Jeannie DeAngelis

Confirmed: Illegals flown her via Obama Amnesty can milk welfare state: Scoop
America's Soft Police State: Mark J. Fitzgibbons
Largest Bank In America Joins War On Cash: ZH

Bill's Wife: SDA
Hillary now raising funds off of … evidence of her corrupt fundraising: Hot Air
For Hillary Clinton, No War but the Class War: David Harsanyi

The Disgraceful Republican Cave-in on Loretta Lynch: Andrew C. McCarthy
Scott Walker is Right About Reducing Legal Immigration: John Hawkins
Seth Myers -- Conflicted, Unfunny Hack: Ace


WV Students Suspended For Opting Out Of Common Core Tests: MenRec
Labor Dept. says it can't investigate So Cal Edison's H-1B use: Patrick Thibodeau
Colorado businessman blames 'stoned' workers for move to SC: Fox

Scandal Central

Muslim Brotherhood Payrolled By Clinton Foundation: NoisyRm
Holder: Historians Will View My Tenure As DOJ ‘Golden Age’: DC
John Boehner may hold House vote to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s email server: Times

Climate & Energy

2015 was the coldest January through March in the entire record in the Northeast: IceCap
WaPo: Big Meanie Republicans Just Won’t Accept Big Government Solutions To “Climate Change": Cove
“Carbon Emissions” Warm The Atmosphere Faster Than We Thought Or Something: Cove


Rush Limbaugh Wonders How CNN and MSNBC Can Still Be on the Air; Here's How: Tom Blumer
Rand Paul Is Right to Demand Reporters Ask Democrats About Late-Term Abortions: Michael Barone
Bill Ayers to Students: America’s ‘Game Is Over’ and ‘Another World’ Is Coming: Erica Ritz (2012)


China Signs Huge Arms Deal With Russia, Buys World's Best Missile: PopSci
The Islamic Genocide of Christians: Past and Present: Raymond Ibrahim
Nepal Quake: Hundreds Dead, History Crumbles, Everest Shaken: ABC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Chrome Notifications, “The Physical Web” And Google’s War On Apps: Greg Sterling
Google Is About to Make Your Wireless Carrier a Lot Less Relevant: Wired
NY Agency Identifies Bank Hackers’ "Backdoor Entrance": Mondaq


Hillary: To Secure Abortion Rights, We Need to Change Religious Beliefs: Ace
Springer's News From The Future: Diogenes
Small herd of escaped buffalo shot after crossing highway, Hudson River: Fox

Image: Nepal Quake: Hundreds Dead, History Crumbles, Everest Shaken
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QOTD: "When you’re credibly accused of selling government influence to enemy powers in exchange for truckloads of cash, the obvious response is to ask your allies to give you truckloads of cash too. If you’re a sociopath, I mean; if not, you should probably apologize, return the money, and quietly retire to reflect on what you’ve become.

I wonder if there’s an infinite-regression element to this tactic. Like, will the next fundraising e-mail from Podesta point to conservative blogs complaining about today’s fundraising e-mail, urging Hillary fans to “strike back at the right” by sending her their gold fillings?

...[There are] two sides of her coming “first woman president” campaign pitch. Begging lefty suckers to fork over money in indignation that this fabulously rich family and its fabulously rich “charity” are being challenged for accepting some fabulously lucrative donations from foreigners at curious times is vintage Hillary. This can only end with Iran donating $100 million to the Clinton Foundation on the eve of final nuke negotiations to 'fight Republican lies.'" --Allahpundit

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