Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Immigration Influx To Exceed Population the Seven Largest Cities in the U.S.

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Immigration Influx To Exceed Population Of Seven Top US Cities: DC
The New Inquisition: Thomas Sowell
Mike Lee: Key Constitutional Provisions Have Been Ignored for Too Long: Breitbart

I'm Jimmying Cartier's and I'm Running for President: Mark Steyn
Hillary to connect with the middle class in Iowa with two closed events: WZ
Hillary Takes Pit Stop To Eat At Chipotle... and Nobody Recognizes Her: WZ

John F. Rubio: Roger L. Simon
Winner at the NRA Convention? Ted Cruz in a Walk: Steven Ahle
A Very Fluid Race for the Republican Nomination: Michael Barone

Marco Rubio gives amazing speech as he announces run for president: Scoop
Madam Yesterday: Erick Erickson
Smart guys: Congress should go back to sleep, let Obama complete Iran deal: RS


Federal Taxes, Spending, Deficit all Soar Under Obama, Even Worse Than 2014: RWN
Sen. Jeff Sessions, bipartisan group call for investigation into H-1B program: AL
It's Time to Investigate the H-1B Mess: Charles Murray

Scandal Central

IRS: Mistakes Were Made: Breitbart
Hillary Advisors Dined With Dozen Reporters – Again: S&L
Black Judges Gives Armed Robbers Light Sentence Saying 3-Year-Old White Victim is ‘Racist’: RWN

Concerned about refugees coming to your state? Get your state plan!: Ann Corcoran
Illegal Alien Gets Only 29 Months Despite Stealing US Identities for 30 Years: RWN
Stanford Student Candidate Says Questioned About Being Jewish: LI

Climate & Energy

Global Warming Protestors in the Snow: Eric Worrall
EPA Takes Aim at Refrigeration: MB
Finally, the true story of California’s water woes: James Pethokoukis


Steve Kornacki: Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Had to Answer Questions for Six Years: WFB
A Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted by Bill Clinton Drops a BOMB on Hillary: TPI
Anti-Hillary Posters Seen Across NYC And Las Vegas: WZ

Sad Story: State Dept. Spokeshole Marie Harf Gets Feelings Hurt On Facebook: Tammy Bruce
Ted Cruz Destroys Hillary in Speech and on a Video: Steven Ahle
New York Post’s Awesome Hillary Cover Is Making Media Matters’ Boehlert Cry: Sooper

The press is beginning to notice the economic recovery is stalling: Noah Rothman
April's Dismal Job Numbers Force Media to Finally Admit The Economy is Awful: Ace
Do You Want to be a National Convention Delegate?: Morton C. Blackwell


Congressional Candidates Receive Money from Islamists: Ryan Mauro
Oh my... Israeli opposition demands US commit in advance to support Israeli strike on Iran: Matzav
Iran Presents Its Suicide Drones: MEMRI

Russia Selling Missile Defense To Iran: Peter Malcolm
Courtesy of Iran, Hamas Prepares For Next Military Confrontation With Israel: MEMRI
Arab Media: Iranian Troops Redeploy to Yemen from Syria, Continue Destabilizing Mideast: The Tower

Iran: ‘The Enemy’ Has Conceded to Our Nuclear Redlines: Adam Kredo
Pakistan: After identifying him as Christian, Muslims set young boy on fire: JihadWatch
Castro absolves Obama of fault for U.S.' 'imperialist aggression': Fox News Latino

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Secret Republicans of Silicon Valley: Rebecca Nelson
Hop Theory: It is Like Tea Bags, But for Making Beer Tastes Less Boring: Mike Chua
This Mountain on Mars Is Leaking: Jason Major


Enter the Dragon Lady: MOTUS
Hillary’s New Campaign Manager Steps Forward. Explains ‘Strategy’…: Steven Crowder
The Essence Remains...: Springer

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QOTD: "In an appearance on CNBC on Monday, President Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley confessed that most Americans have not enjoyed the benefits of the recovery [sic]...

“Hillary Clinton’s challenge is going to be to come up with different plans,” Daley said after being prodded to respond to the economic failures of the Obama era. “She can’t run for the third term of Barack Obama economically.”" --Noah Rothman

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Barry Popik said...

You should do a post on HBO's Last Week Tonight. John Oliver is funnier than the mail-it-in corpse of what is now The Daily Show, but Oliver runs hot and cold. On this week's segment on the IRS, Oliver is ice cold. Oliver argues that the IRS is boring, but not evil. The budget should be increased, not slashed. The only bad thing the IRS ever did was a Star Trek video, and those people are now gone. John, please! Louis Lerner is a partisan hack who lied before Congress. Her boss lied before Congress to cover up, and was extremely arrogant about it. Oliver says that the IRS scandal wasn't malicious, but it clearly reflects that. And the IRS is the enforcer of Obamacare taxes (not mentioned). Watch the video and see if you agree with me.