Friday, April 17, 2015

Obama toadie Jeb Bush backs confirmation of radical leftist Loretta Lynch as Attorney General

By Warner Todd Huston

Obama has been trying to get Loretta Lynch confirmed as the new head of the Department of Justice but the Senate has been dragging its feet.

This is a woman who has refused to say if she would investigate Hillary’s email violations and said that illegals have every right to work here in the USA like legal citizens do.But Jeb says she deserves to be confirmed.

Answering questions at a town hall with New Hampshire primary voters at the Snowshoe Club, Bush, an all-but-announced Republican presidential candidate, stopped short of explicitly calling for Lynch’s confirmation. Her nomination to replace Attorney General Eric Holder has been stalled for an unusually long 160 days over a Senate showdown on an unrelated sex-trafficking bill that includes a controversial abortion provision.

“I think that Presidents have the right to pick their team,” Bush told a crowd of about 95 voters and a horde of media.

Once again we see Jeb leaning left. He is a big government guy on education with his support of the failed Common Core policy and he is an open borders type who openly supports Obama’s un-Constitutional amnesty.

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infidelsrise said...

Guiliani called in support for her as he worked with her post 911.
She is Holder in a skirt.

Anonymous said...

That's why our country is going down the shitter: the Republicans keep insisting on playing by the Marquess of Queensbury rules. The commies have torched the rulebooks, assholes. Fight them as though your very life depended on it---because it does.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. Democrats back Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Jeb to run as a Democrat against Hillary.