Sunday, April 26, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Report: Clintons Engaged in Pay-for-Play During Efforts to Rebuild Haiti

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Report: Clintons Engaged in Pay-for-Play During Efforts to Rebuild Haiti: Glob
Clinton relatives, donors got rich off taxpayer-funded Haiti contracts: Breitbart
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Red ink could kill Covered California: OCR

Scandal Central

Clinton Greed: Linda Chavez
Judge Orders Bakers to Pay $135,000 For Refusing to Make Gay Couple's Cake: TR
Persecuted Christian-Owned Bakery Raises $109K--Until Gay Terrorists Shut Down Funding: Sooper

Climate & Energy

I am a climate skeptic who believes in global warming: Richard J. Petschauer
Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures: Telegraph
Court upholds EPA’s truck efficiency rules: Timothy Cama


Jarrett: Because Of Holder, “Arc Of Moral Universe Has Been Bent A Little Closer To Justice”: WZ
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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Woolly Mammoth Genome Sequenced: Archaelogy
Most powerful space telescope ever to launch in 2018: Jean-Louis Santini
Ghost Gunner is Shipping: WeaponsMan


Chick-fil-A’s Microaggression Threatens to Melt Campus Snowflakes: MOTUS
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Obama Thanks Holder For His Service: Springer's Blog

Image: Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton’s Office Over ‘Billions Stolen’ by Clinton Foundation
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QOTD: "Digicel [helped] helped create a system to transfer money via cell phones. In the six months running up to September 2012, it took in more than $50 million in revenue in Haiti.

Digicel is run by Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien. He set up lucrative speeches for Bill Clinton and donated millions of dollars of his own money to the Clintons' foundation.

There was also a plan to raise money by exploiting Haiti's rich mineral wealth.

One company that got a rare gold permit was VCS mining. It didn't actually have much mining experience, but it would soon have Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, on its board.

"Tony Rodham has no background in Haiti and he has no background in mining," said Schweizer. "Why on earth is he on the board and in this position to profit from VCS's mining gold exploitation permit in the first place?"" --Fox News

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