Thursday, April 23, 2015

NITWIT SAYS WHAT? Critics whine Ted Cruz missed completely meaningless final Loretta Lynch confirmation vote

Radical leftist Loretta Lynch (who actually said she would not enforce the law as written) was confirmed as Attorney General today in the Senate. Ted Cruz, a vociferous critic of Lynch, was absent for the final vote. And that brought out the Cruz-haters of both parties:

The goofy and predictably dense Doug Mataconis
The utterly clueless Sarah Mimms
• And numbskull Maria Recio

Each of whom claimed that the final vote total was relevant. Hint: it wasn't.

The only vote that mattered was to end debate. Any subsequent vote was Kabuki Theater (also known as "GOP Failure Theater"). Pete Kasperowicz explains:

...the key vote on whether to end debate on Lynch’s nomination. The so-called “cloture vote” in the Senate is in fact the critical vote, since an agreement to end debate needs 60 votes, and once that happens, it’s usually a cinch to find the 51 votes needed to confirm a nominee or pass a bill.

Cruz and most other Republicans voted against ending debate, but 20 Republicans voted with Democrats and allowed Lynch to get to a final vote.

Cruz spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter said the cloture vote was the “vote that mattered,” and laid out her argument in a series of tweets soon after the vote:

As usual, the Democrat and Republican establishment dimwits and their sycophants like Mataconis are covering up the real scandal. Which is that these schmucks represent one party, the party of big government, and only Constitutional conservatives like Cruz represent a way out.

Hat tip: BadBlue news.


TotallyPeeved said...

I disagree. He should have been their and voted. It's what he gets paid for. Tells me he's no different then the rest.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter if he voted or not, they all knew the fix was in. This is nothing but bluster and to try and tear Cruz down. They are, as usual, trying to make something out of nothing to attack and discredit a conservative. There was never any doubt in my mind that Lynch would not be confirmed. McConnell and Reid both work together to ruin this country. They are the scum of the earth. The lowest of the low-lifes. It sickens me to see this country being torn apart by these traitors and nothing is being done to stop them. It's corruption beyond the pale. Beyond comprehension. Beyond sanity. They should all be shot by a firing squad for treason.