Sunday, April 19, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Largest donor to Clinton Foundation has trade ties to Iran

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Newsweek: Largest donor to Clinton Foundation has trade ties to Iran: Hot Air
Hillary Clinton: Book banner.: Roger Kimball
Hillary for America? Why?: Michael Reagan

Obama Set To Push For ‘Slavery Reparations’ In 2016: Mr. Conservative
Obama’s Executive Amnesty May Be In Trouble In Fifth Circuit Court: Brian Carey
When did America forget that it’s America?: Natan Sharansky

Assistant Democrat Jeb Bush Calls for Loretta Lynch’s Confirmation: MB
Rubio vs. Cruz is the most important foreign policy battle of 2016: Exam
Ted Cruz Celebrates Historic Victory Finally Honoring Ft. Hood Victims: IJR

Ted Cruz Rocks the New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit!: Scoop
Rand Paul: Secret Scandal Will Wreck Hillary Clinton “Soon”: Bloomberg
Shocking images from cameras on Texas-Mexico border: Daily Mail


The 41st Vet Killed by the VA and the Obama Administration: AmJrnl
Hillary Already Stimulating the Economy: Rick Jensen
Aging America Staying Put: Thomas Purcell

Scandal Central

Why Didn't Jamie Gorelick Face Charges For Trading With Iran?: Rick Manning
Cisco Used Clinton Foundation To Cover-up Human Rights Abuse In China: Mike Krieger
Bill Shuster admits ‘private and personal relationship’ with airline lobbyist: Politico

Climate & Energy

'Because I Said So': Jeremiah Jacques
What It Would Take to Prove Global Warming: Robert Tracinski
New York Times Op-Ed: It Was a Mistake to Believe the Hockey Stick: Rich Lowry


Return to Towel Mountain: Mark Steyn
Why I stopped reading Gary Hart’s piece on oligarchy: Moe Lane
First in the Nation Forum: Ted Cruz: NYT

Valerie Jarrett kisses reporters … : ProWis
Leftwing Website Commits Crimethink, Begs Leftwing Mob for Mercy: Ed Driscoll
When Simple Lies Just Won't Do: Springer's Blog

Some of Hillary Clinton's comments that could come back to haunt her: John Lott
Ohio: Muslims cry “racism and bigotry” over cancellation of public school hijab promotion: JihadWatch
Why comedian Adam Carolla says ‘I want to support Ted . . . .I love me some Ted Cruz’: BPR


Little Man, Big Job: The Obama Doctrine of Withdrawal: MOTUS
Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen, alarming US officials: Kristina Wong, The Hill
Obama advisor, nuke deal ‘architect’ straight out of Shiraz, Iran: Michael F. Haverluck

The Death of the Left: Daniel Greenfield
Iranian S-300 sale to go ahead: Jeremy Binnie, Jane's Defence Weekly
Putin warns Israel not to sell arms to Ukraine: Judah Ari Gross

FBI Holds “Special” Meeting in Juárez to Address ISIS, DHS Not Invited: JW
Obamacaust: Up to 700 feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Libya: Antonio Denti, Reuters
VIDEO: Jewish reporter harassed in Paris street: LI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Verizon Fios' shift to 'skinny bundles' runs afoul of ESPN: Nate Ralph
The Rise of the Hackbots: Motherboard
Climate change agenda leaves poor out in the cold: Stephen Moore


Hillary's Strategy: Maggie's Farm
Even The Dead Don’t Want To Vote For Hillary Clinton: WZ
Ted Cruz joke hits Obama where it hurts — and the GOP base eats it up!: BPR

Image: Shocking images from cameras on Texas-Mexico border
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QOTD: "...consider this week's Washington Post column by Jonathan H Adler: What Does It Take To Convince Libertarians And Conservatives That Climate Change Is A Problem?

Mr Adler is a conservative and a lawyer and a former colleague of mine who has written about Big Climate enforcer Michael E Mann's ongoing defamation suit against me - sometimes helpfully, sometimes in that faintly irritating way that American legal types have of explaining how your case raises many fascinating and arcane jurisprudential issues that make consuming a decade of your life over it a small price to pay.

But never mind all that, he says bitterly. Look at it this way. How often do you see mainstream newspaper headlines like that the other way round? "What does it take to convince liberals and socialists that Islamic terrorism is a problem? ...that a $20 trillion national debt is a problem? ...that partial-birth abortion is a problem?" The left has the program, and the right is constantly enjoined to get with it" --Mark Steyn

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Climate change is a big problem, but not in the way that liberals (er, now "progressives") want you to believe. Actually quite the opposite.

Since almost every single one of the suggestions and demands made by advocates of human-caused global warming all seem to converge on the same statist, big government, high taxes, lower standard of living, less freedom solutions, this tells me all I need to know about this topic.

Instead of being a scientific issue, it is really an ideological issue. It is a means by which people who are statists and who love big and Ever-Bigger government hope to impose their idea of Utopia upon the west and the US in particular.

Why do I say the west only? Well, they exempted China and India, that's why!

Meanwhile, I am waiting for some peer-reviewed papers that propose what the optimum climate is for our biosphere. The first question that would naturally flow would be where is our current climate and trend in relation to this finding. I think we need this before we rush off into spending more trillions that we don't have unless we know for sure that it will really do any good.

-- theBuckWheat