Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Sunlight Foundation executive: The Clinton Foundation is a “slush fund”

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Sunlight Foundation leader: Clinton Foundation a “slush fund”: Ed Morrissey
Uranium One, America Zip: Mark Steyn
So About the Clintons' So-Called 'Charity'...: Market Ticker

Surprise: Rand Paul Reverses Stance on Drones: Joseph Perticone
Ted Cruz knocks Scott Walker's immigration position: David M. Drucker
McCain Counters Reports of JW’s Recent IRS Doc Release: JW

Join Or Die: Camp o' the Saints
Resisting Capitalism for Fun and Profit: Jim Goad
What the Flap Over a Ted Cruz Fundraiser Means: Alex Altman, Time


Rioters And Looters Belong In Jail or In The Morgue: John Hawkins
Baltimore Mayor Proud She Allowed Rioters to Loot and Attack Police: RWN
The odd tactic of giving Baltimore rioters ‘space’ to destroy property: Daniel Rivero

Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Dude They’re Destroying Baltimore Over: Clash
'All Out War': Protesters and Police Battle in Baltimore: Caleb Howe
Baltimore Police Warn of 'Credible Threat' to 'Take-Out' Law Enforcement: Daniel Halper

‘Space’ to Riot: Baltimore’s Mayor Writes a License for Lawlessness: Ian Tuttle
MD Gov. Larry Hogan Will Not Cover For Failure of Liberal Baltimore Mayor: Treehouse
Godless Mob In Baltimore Attacks Church And Burns It Down: Shoebat

#BALTIMORELOOTCREW latest trend on Twitter: FAM
Martin O'Malley's Maryland: Big government state deals with seeds sewn: ACC
Huge fires set across Baltimore as Freddie Gray rioters torch city: Daily Mail

Scandal Central

Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a ‘slush fund’: Isabel Vincent
Defending Hillary Clinton is getting harder: Jennifer Rubin
Who's Afraid of the Benghazi Hearings?: Russell Berman

I Smell a Wisconsin Rat: Instapundit
The odd tactic of giving Baltimore protesters ‘space’ to destroy property: Daniel Rivero
Clinton Foundation Added to a Charity Watchlist For Misconduct: Dave Jorgenson


Our Mean-Spirited President Cuts Loose: John Hinderaker
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Pens Desperate Op-Ed Begging The Jews To Stay W/Dems: Lid
WH Press Secretary Asked About Bush Remarks At Closed Door Meeting: RightPundit

Mark Levin RESPONDS to the violent protests and looting in Baltimore: Scoop
Oops: Hillary Campaign May Want To Rethink This Latest Ad: Tammy Bruce
Inaccurate sources and the Iraq invasion: Judith Miller

Justice Alito on “The Constitution: An Introduction”: Scott Johnson
Hillary Rodham Romney? Keep an Eye on O’Malley : Rothenblog
Clinton's troubles net winners and losers: Glenn Harlan Reynolds


Bush slams Obama’s nuke deal with Iran: Times of Israel
Tide Turns Against Assad in Syria: Paul Mirengoff
Terrorist Activity on Israel-Syria border as Iran Seeks to Arm Hizballah: IPT

New Video Seeks to Expose Iranian ‘Cat and Mouse Games’ With the World: Algemeiner
Iranian general accuses US of masterminding 9/11 attacks: Times of Israel
Mexico Attacks US Border Patrol Over Boat Wreck, Agents Fight Back: Breitbart

“Go, General Dempsey…In the Name of God, Go!”: Ray Starmann
A desperate socialist Venezuela pawns its gold to Citibank: ACC
The Hezbollah camps Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean: Fausta

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

7.3 Billion People, One Building: Wait But Why
Everything Science Knows Right Now About Standing Desks: Eric Jaffe
GoodCrypto Attacked: Cryptome


The Hillary Baggage No One is Talking About: Glob
Clinton Tell-All Rumored: Obama is an Alcoholic? Hillary is A Lesbian? And More!: Mr. Conservative
Deadly Nevada prison brawl stokes mystery about guards, guns: Ken Ritter

How Jason Whitlock Is Poisoning ESPN's "Black Grantland": Greg Howard
Gay Businessman Who Hosted Cruz Event Grovels in Apology Before Gay Fascist Overlords: AmPower
The 2016 Acura NSX Supercar Is Entering Production: Robb Report

Image: Keep truckin’: Portraits of Mexico’s morning commuters
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QOTD: "...if you were not trying to buy influence of some sort exactly why would you donate to a so-called "charity" that only spends 5.9% of the money received on actual charitable programs?

Go ahead folks, tell me what possible motivation someone who is rich might have in "giving" to such a foundation when virtually none of your money is going to go to actual relief causes such as feeding poor people and helping disaster victims." --Karl Denninger

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