Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama is the master of trading future calamity for temporary gratification

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Obama a master of trading future calamity for temporary gratification: Hanson
Oligarchs for Hillary!: Mark Steyn
DNC posts job announcement by mocking four dead Americans: Twitchy

Hillary Lied, Libyans Died: Daniel Greenfield
Obama Admits That Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick: CNS
The Coercion Party: Cold Fury

Iran to get $50 billion signing bonus for bogus Obama agreement: RS
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) Wants to Appoint Obama as Dictator: RS
Hillary Opposed Iran Sanctions; Can She Be Trusted to Snap Them Back On?: Morris

How Lois Lerner evaded charges: Neo-Neocon
Chaos in the Primaries: Thomas Sowell
Hilarious: Clown de Blasio in Secret Bid to be Dems’ 2016 Nominee: JWF


The ObamaCare Effect: Hospital Monopolies: Marty Makary, WSJ
Muslim student group plans to disrupt NIU ‘American Sniper’ showing: Ulysses Arn
Stunned Greeks React To "Decree To Confiscate Reserves" from Banks: ZH

Scandal Central

Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’: David French
Abandoned By White House, Americans Describe Tense Escapes From Yemen: Breitbart
U.S. Warship Heads to Yemeni Waters to Thwart Iran from Sending Weapons: Breitbart

Climate & Energy

Green Cronyism Hasn’t Gone Anywhere: Ben Howe
Jeb Bush Endorses UN Climate Change Treaty Process: Cove
Hotcoldwetdry Will Totally Make Spiders Super Giant: Cove


Free Speech in Peril: Myron Magnet
State Dept. to Offer Course on Ethics for Journalists: 'Blurred Lines': Jeryl Bier
Roseanne Barr: Hillary Clinton is ‘the Same Old S–t’: WFB

"Contraversializing" Reporting: Ace
Salon Wants to See ‘Cop Shoot a White Unarmed Teenager in the Back’: Ed Driscoll
Tina Brown Won’t Comment on Clintons Taking Money from Nations That Oppress Women: WFB

Coburn on Social Security: Real Question Is How Do We Fix Our Country?: RCP
Uber Driver With Concealed Carry Permit Drops Chicago Gunman: Bob Owens
Onward Christian soldiers: Michigan Catholic priest urges parishioners to arm themselves: Marathon


Latest News About ISIS Camps Near El Paso, Secret FBI Meeting to Stop the Leaks: Sara Noble
Executions Surge in Iran after Nuclear Talks, Iran off U.S. Terror List: Shadi Paveh
Montreal Muslims had explosives, accused of trying to join jihad group: Robert Spencer

Was 2007 a Flexion Point, When Everything Started Going Downhill?: Michael Barone
Book on ‘Clinton Cash’ reportedly claims foreign donors got State Dept. favors: Fox
Iran Foreign Minister: We’re Totally Ready To Move On And Discuss The Wider “Persian Gulf Region”: Cove

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

These 3D Printed Organs Beat Just Like Your Heart: Gizmodo
Appeals court rejects man's claim he owns half of Facebook: Zach Miners
Beyonce shows off Apple Watch band you can’t have at Coachella: Alex Heath


Victory Against Jihad: School Cancels Hijab Day – Won’t Force All Females To Cover Up: GWP
The MOTUS/Molsterman 2016 Primary Tracking Poll #1: MOTUS
Kim Jong-un Photo Allegedly Photoshopped, South Korean News Reports: Kotaku

Image: Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years
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QOTD: "...I'm sick of choking on [the corruption]. We have a "justice" department that prosecutes a senator who made the mistake of crossing the President (Menendez) but declines to do anything about a tax collector who treats American taxpayers differently on the basis of how they vote (Lerner). We have a revenue agency that regards itself as the paramilitary wing of the ruling party. We have replaced equality before the law with a hierarchy of privilege, so that no-name ambassadors can be fired for breaking federal record-keeping requirements by a department whose boss outsources her federal records to her own server and then mass-deletes them with no more thought than when she's parking her van in the handicapped space. We have a federal police agency in which 26 out of its 28 hair analysts gave false testimony favorable to the prosecution. We have a cabinet officer who managed to get more firepower deployed to toss her designated scapegoat videomaker into the county jail than she assigned to the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi. We have a president who rules by decree on everything from immigration to health care - and a legislature of castrati too craven to object." --Mark Steyn

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