Thursday, April 09, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Treason and Corruption

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Treason and Corruption: Mark Steyn
Obama’s 'Less-Than-Loving' Attack on Christians Should Concern You: Matthew Clark
Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?: John W. Whitehead

The Brutality of Obama and the Left: J. Robert Smith
The DHS isn’t backing down on tracking your license plate: Nick Morpus
More on the California Water Waster Fink Squads.: Moe Lane

Obama’s Iran Deal: Someday the World Will Cry, “Why?!”: Larry Elder
‘A lot of big words and big thoughts’ – State Dept. on Kissinger Op-ed: LI
I Left the Democrat[ic] Party: Susan Brown

Rand Paul: Playing to Everyone, Lost the Ron Base?: Brian Doherty
Rand Paul is Not Stupid: R.S. McCain
Ted Cruz will have the money to compete.: Neil Stevens


Big Business’s powerful wingman: LPMN
Immigration Lawyers Admit H-1B Employers Harm U.S. Workers: John Miano
Why Does John Kasich Keep Lying About Obamacare?: Jason Hart (2014)

Scandal Central

University of New Mexico ISIS Panel Attendee Speaks Out: LL1885
Why Facts Matter: R.S. McCain
Cali: Judge Cuts 15 Years Off Mandatory Sentence of Man Convicted of Sodomizing Toddler: KTLA

Climate & Energy

Governor Moonbeam Regulates Bathroom Activities: MB
Obama Exploits His Daughter As Climate Change Political Pawn (Caused Her Asthma?): Lid
Progressives Spend $60 Million To Force Half Of U.S. Coal Plants To Close In 2 Years: ProgsToday


Propaganda and Astroturf: Recognize it.: Sharyl Attkisson
Ted Cruz is Right, The New York Times is a Leftist Rag: Jen Kuznicki
Chelsea Clinton called Secret Service ‘pigs': 'that’s what my mother and father call you’: BPR

Liberal media struggles to find name for dismemberment abortions: AT
Brian Williams and his lies: Victory Girls
Some Lunatics Offended by Granny Clinton Being Referred to By Her First Name: JWF

One way to go: Left: Cold Fury
New Developments in the Walter Scott Shooting: Charleston Thug Life
How Not To Get Shot By The Police: Bob Owens


Ex-SecStates Bring Out the Knives: The American Interest
Typical Stompy Feet Move – White House Mocking Benjamin Netanyahu On Twitter With Iran Deal: Treehouse
Decoding the Obama Doctrine: Daniel Pipes

Boston bombing verdict: Guilty on all charges: PoliceOne
US, Saudi Slap Sanctions On ‘Terrorist’ financing fund: JPupdates
Rand Paul's Hawkish Foes Haunt Him in New Hampshire: David Weigel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

USAF Plans for Radical F-35 Upgrade Reveal Obsolescence: Defense-Aerospace
22 Delicious High-Fiber Foods (No. 2 and 19 Are My Favorites): Kris Gunnars
The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of S***: Yvette d'Entremont


Presidential Dynasties: Nip It In The Bud: MOTUS
My Friend Lucy : Erick Erickson
paper mache’: Sondrakistan

Image: Presidential Dynasties: Nip It In The Bud
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QOTD: "Christians around the world are suffering and dying each and every day at the hands of brutal radical Islamic jihadist genocide, and the leader of the free world finds the need to attack Christians.

But this wasn’t the first time. Just a few short months ago at the National Prayer Breakfast he used his bully pulpit to excoriate Christians for getting on “our high horse” about the persecution of Christians.

At a time when Christians are being slaughtered, raped, and decapitated simply for being a Christian, or in some regimes hung simply for expressing the love of Christ to others, President Obama repeatedly puts Christians in his rhetorical crosshairs.

He’s spent more time calling out Christians than acknowledging that radical Islamists are inflicting genocide." --Matthew Clark

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