Saturday, April 18, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Hill to Lie On

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The Hill to Lie On: Mark Steyn
Top Hillary donor hints that she opposes Obama’s deal with Iran: Hot Air
O'Malley Knocks Hillary for Following 'Polls' Instead of 'Principles': Daniel Halper

Obama’s Communist Mentor Boasts About Lying To The FBI: GWP
Hillary Clinton: Parking In Handicap Spaces And Laughing: Steven Crowder
There are intense procedures for having coffee with Hillary Clinton: Hunter Walker

Meet the Real Abortion Extremists in Colorado: Ace
An Open Letter To Conservative Activists: John Hawkins
Hillary Clinton: Out of Sync With the Times: Michael Barone

Marco Rubio Is A Big Supporter Of Obama’s DACA Amnesty: William Teach
Ted Cruz to address Latino issues in Hispanic Chamber Q&A: Fox Latino
Carly Fiorina Set To Run,Will Take Away Hillary’s ‘I’m A Woman’ Argument: WZ


Deficit Growing Again, Despite Record Income Tax Haul: Timothy H. Lee
Republicans and Democrats Plan National Gas Tax Hike: Betty Butter
Critics: NLRB May Gut ‘Right to Work’ Laws: Bill McMorris

Scandal Central

AG Nominee Lynch Refuses to Answer Whether She’d Investigate Hillary’s Emails: GWP
U.N. Sends Potential Terrorists, Future Democrats Into Trey Gowdy’s District: Sara Noble
Wyden says Obama's 'excessive secrecy' feeds cynicism: Sean Higgins

Climate & Energy

A Dry Earth Day for California: Joe Guzzardi
DiCaprio: 6 Private Jet Flights In 6 Weeks--Despite Climate Change Advocacy Work: Radar
Surprised solar customers find themselves with liens: Tori Richards


Muslim Students Rush Stage, Force Cancellation of University’s ‘American Sniper’ Showing: RWN
Ted Cruz does great interview on Adam Carolla Show: Scoop
Mark Levin has found a way to support…AMNESTY: Scoop

Rand: Where are Media Questions on Clinton’s Hypocritical Donations from Anti-Women Countries?: MRC
Ted Cruz And Rick Santorum Answer The Same Sex Wedding Question: Hot Air
Urdu Daily Publishes 43-Part Series On Islam's Blasphemy Laws: MEMRI

Let the Trolling Commence: Liberals Take Shots at Hillary Clinton: Andrew Stiles
Ben Affleck wanted his slave owner ancestor 'censored' from PBS documentary: Daily Mail
Dr. Oz responds after prominent physicians call for his firing from Columbia: Elahe Izadi, WaPo


The Other Face of Terrorism: Raheel Raza
Islamic State publicizes use of child soldiers in Baiji fight: Caleb Weiss
Al-Qaeda Seizes Seaport & Airport: AmInt

Hezbollah Brigades deploys fighters to Ramadi: LWJ
Bully in the Baltics: The Kremlin’s Provocations: Elisabeth Braw
Adrift at Sea in a Lifeboat, Muslims Throw Christians Overboard to Drown: Ace

Libyans are dying as they flee the mess Obama and Hillary helped create: Spectator
Why ISIS Advises Western Jihadists to Carry Nerf Guns and Condoms: Bridget Johnson
‘Foreign Policy’ Editor: Nuke Deal that Doesn’t Halt Iran’s Regional Threat is “Serious Error”: The Tower

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Laser May Blast Space Junk Out of Orbit from the ISS: Catherine Griffin
Microsoft shows impressively accurate hand-tracking system for VR: Agam Shah
Member of group that hacked Farmers Insurance, DirecTV, sentenced to 3 years: Danielle Walker


Photo Scanning Businessman Being Sued for $90M After Making $120K Per Week: Michael Zhang
Jacksonville debuts high-tech streetlights — and they're watching you: BizJournals
Gas-line blast at California shooting range injures 11: AP

Image: Obama is going Alinsky Rule 12 on Republicans
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QOTD: "On Monday, 144 people were rescued by the Italian coastguard when the boat on which they were fleeing Libya capsized in the Mediterranean. Arriving homeless and without prospects in a strange land, these were — relatively speaking — the lucky ones. As many as 400 are thought to have drowned. Add them to the tally. Last year more than 3,000 died in the Mediterranean trying to get to the West. It has become a phenomenon of our times.

We do not hear much about life in the supposedly liberated Libya, but the fact that entire families were willing to risk the treacherous crossing gives a fair idea...

...As Libya collapses into violence, its great friends in London and Washington have effectively turned a blind eye." --The Spectator

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Anonymous said...

Hillary parked in a handicapped zone ? I don't think so Hillary hasn't driven in almost 20 years. Her van nis driven by a member of the Secret Service. Their protocol is to park in the spot nearest the place they are visiting
They do this even when there are NO PARKING signs !!!!
Perhaps you should email the Secret Service and tell them about your objections