Sunday, December 06, 2009

'Recognize That Our Most Vital Institutions Are Under Attack'

A note from someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

'You Must Recognize That Our Most Vital Institutions Are Under Attack'

I think that there is a pattern emerging regarding events associated with our President which if true should be a serious concern. Let me first say that the allegation that I'm about to make may not be news to you and your colleagues in the conservative media, but it appears to me that this point -- if made at all -- is not getting through to the broader conservative community. Please consider my thoughts because I may have stumbled upon something of significance to you and the cause of liberty.

With each new and peculiar news story involving the President, my husband makes the same comment to me: another example of demoralizing and discrediting. When you look at his (or the White House/administration) handling of and comments about certain events, the consequences can be said to be destructive to the trust we have in our institutions, important organizations, and critical government roles. What goes unremarked upon is the potential for the demoralizing effect on individuals within our national security and intelligence communities.

Some examples:

CIA: Eric Holder investigates the CIA interrogations of terrorists;

Armed Forces: The prosecution of Navy SEALs who bloodied a prisoner's nose;

Secret Service: The gatecrashers and the subsequent (and perhaps unfair) accusations that the Secret Service failed to do its job;

Armed Forces: Dithering, lack of interest, change of rules of engagement...;

Our Allies: Honduras, Poland, Columbia, Tibet, Taiwan, Britain (treatment of the Queen, brusque handling of Gordon Brown, the return of Churchill's bust, the DVD collection 'gift'), lack of support for Iranian protesters...;

Taxpayers: Average U.S. citizens, especially seniors, are demonized when they protest outrageous deficits, government-run "one-size-fits-all" health care, an all-powerful 'Health Choices Commissioner', and a politicization of medical treatment itself; protesters are characterized as crazy and dangerous with a DHS report issued warning of right-wing threats;

The Rule of Law - no DOJ or White House response to SEIU intimidation and beatings (see Kenneth Gladney); a complete dismissal of Black Panther voter intimidation; failure to investigate rampant corruption associated with ACORN;

Personal Security: NYC residents suffer when a White House jet 'photo op' buzzes the city; the KSM trial blocks away from the hallowed Ground Zero; the Cambridge/Henry L. Gates episode;

Media: Fox News is directly attacked, boycotted and attempts are made to remove it from the Press Pool by the White House after unfavorable press treatment; other media outlets are muted in their criticisms of White House policy for fear of similar treatment by the administration;

Currency: With profligate spending and ever-increasing deficits, the very underpinnings of our financial stability (the U.S. dollar) are at risk;

I think it's important to try to blunt this attack on American institutions by frequently explaining the tactic - making comprehension of it cross into the mainstream so that the targets -- all of us -- can automatically defend against it.

Additionally, I fear that this continuous (discrediting and demoralizing) assault may, in time, eat away at the will of those we rely on to secure the country.

It is now common for some to assume that that those in the White House are intentionally damaging or hampering our economic system and will use any means possible for their progressive aims. I think the discussion stops short of making clear what the intended psychological effects are of not trusting your government to deal effectively with issues (i.e. economy, foreign policy) and distrusting their motivations.

Some commentators come close when they they say that there will come a time when you will not know what to believe, but I do not think this is explicit enough.

This particular observation appears to evading the attention of conservatives, the center-right media and the blogosphere itself.

And yet our most vital institutions are, in many respects, crumbling before our very eyes.

Update: The Anchoress -- 'It's the painless coup we've been predicting for years'.

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