Sunday, August 07, 2011

Obama Commissions Heroic Hollywood Pic on Bin Laden Raid With Premier Slated For... October 2012

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Obama commissions Hollywood pic on OBL Raid

...Maureen Dowd of the New York Times [reports that t]he Obama regime has commissioned a major motion picture about the fake Bin Laden raid. The film will be released . . . October 12, 2012.

Guys, we're into full-blown Leni Riefenstahl territory now.

Here's the link to the Dowd piece. I am linking to page 2 of 2 because that's where the stuff about the movie is, but do read the whole thing.

Read up... Money quotes:

The White House clearly blessed the dramatic reconstruction of the mission by Nicholas Schmidle in The New Yorker — so vividly descriptive of the SEALS' looks, quotes and thoughts that Schmidle had to clarify after the piece was published that he had not actually talked to any of them...

The White House is also counting on the ... big-screen version of the killing of bin Laden to counter Obama's growing reputation as ineffectual.

The Sony film by the Oscar-winning pair who made "The Hurt Locker" will no doubt reflect the president's cool, gutsy decision against shaky odds. Just as Obamaland was hoping, the movie is scheduled to open on Oct. 12, 2012 — perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost to a campaign that has grown tougher.

The moviemakers are getting top-level access to the most classified mission in history from an administration that has tried to throw more people in jail for leaking classified information than the Bush administration.

It was clear that the White House had outsourced the job of manning up the president's image to Hollywood when Boal got welcomed to the upper echelons of the White House and the Pentagon and showed up recently — to the surprise of some military officers — at a CIA ceremony celebrating the hero SEALs.

Is this why Matt Damon is currently sporting a buzzcut? Hmmmm.

Gee, it's truly surprising that President Obama would attempt to synch his reelection with a Hollywood movie depicting his 'heroic' actions at Lattabatta. Or whatever the hell it's called.

And may God bless our soldiers, their families and all those who help support the effort to save this republic.


Georg Felis said...

Wonder who they’ll get to play the President, the weak waffling nitwit who delayed the strike until being forced into it by his staff and was pulled off the golf course to watch it on TV, or the Brave Patriotic President who Bravely Worked With Our Allies in the most Extreme Stressful Situations, and after Deep Thought, sat down and Gave The Order.

Three guesses….

MWTexas said...

I bet Obama demands to play himself. No one can "act" like him. This propaganda film is going to be comedy gold I tell ya. I can't wait to see the movie get laughed out of theaters across the country as thousands don't line up to pay their hard-earned money to hear more lies.

You know who else made movies of their great leaders to prop up sagging support? The Nazis.