Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The 2014 Democrat Slogan: “F. U. America”

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The 2014 Democrat Slogan: “F. U. America”: Erick Erickson
Campaign of Cannibalism: Christian Mercenary
Freedom Is Not Free: Thomas Sowell

President Not-Present: Tom Blumer
Destroying the U.S. Military: Alan Caruba
Obama Makes Wars More Likely: Mona Charen

Hey Connecticut, 1933 Berlin called, they want their Gestapo back: Bullets First
WHEN THEY COME: A Warning to Connecticut Police: Bob Owens
Connecticut Carry to State: We Dare You To Enforce Your Gun Ban: AmmoLand

Obama unlawfully delays Obamacare again to protect Senate: Scoop
#NCSen: Hagan’s approval rating falls to 33 percent: David Freddoso
15,000 'Stuck' In Washington State's Obamacare Exchange: TruthRevolt


Obamacare may force UNC to cut hours for 6,500: CampusReform
Mortgage Loan Originations Lowest Since November 2008, Down 60%: Mish
It Begins: Gazprom Warns European Gas "Supply Disruptions" Possible: ZH

Scandal Central

Who put "acute political pressure" on Lois Lerner "to crack down" on conservatives?: Althouse
Trey Gowdy on Lois Lerner’s Testimony: She Needs To Save Herself Or Go Down In Flames: Nice Deb
Stealing Texas: Dan Spencer

America Is a Communist Country: Nicholas James Pell, Taki's Mag
Cuomo’s Office Illegally Using State Resources?: MenRec
One in Three Say They’ve Been Personally Hurt by Obamacare: Corner


The 2013 Right Wing News Conservative Website Awards (12th Annual): RWN
PC Nightmare: Muslim barber refuses to cut hair of lesbian: Whose rights trump whose?: Unyielding
RNC ignores Sarah Palin in recognizing GOP women trailblazers: RWN


LEVIN: The greatest threat our allies have right now is OBAMA!: Scoop
McCain: Crimea Crisis Caused by Obama Fecklessness: Arutz Sheva
Britain Rules Out Russia Sanctions in Secret Briefing Document Caught by Photog: AmPower

John Kerry On Mitt Romney And Russia THEN And NOW: Glob
Glenn Beck's revealing video montage: Hillary Clinton, Obama, Kerry on Russia: Unyielding
Exclusive: New thesis on how Stuxnet infiltrated Iran nuclear facility: Mark Clayton

Poland Demands NATO Stop Screwing Around: Real Revo
It’s an Obama World… Gays Perform First Drag Show on US Military Base: GWP
U.S. Military Hires Terror-tied Chaplains: Pamela Geller

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ring wearable device puts the power right at your fingertip: Slashgear
Massive new AIRSHIP to enter commercial service at British dirigible base: Register
New Hebrides trench: First look at unexplored deep sea: BBC


Vladimir Putin's Amazing Superpowers: Cube
Hey Barry! The Eighties Called: They Want Their Leader Back: MOTUS
America's chicken has come home to roost!: Hopenchange

Image: WHEN THEY COME: A Warning to Connecticut Police
Sponsored by: READY TO FIRE JOHN BOEHNER? Support J.D. Winteregg for Congress

QOTD: "[Sarah Palin] warned that our response to Russia invading Georgia was so tepid and that Obama’s comments were so tepid that it would encourage Russia in the future to, perhaps, invade Ukraine. They’ve always wanted complete control of the Black Sea, that’s where their navy is. The Ukraine is a sovereign nation. And look what’s happened.

You’ve got, with all due respect, you’ve got a former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is really incompetent, she has no background in this, you’ve got “mashed potato face,” he’s in there as Secretary of State, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You’ve got the President of the United States, who really is just, I can’t think of anything that he touches that doesn’t turn to crap. And you’ve got one of the dumbest people ever to step inside the Beltway as Secretary of Defense.

Putin’s an old KGB thug. He’s running circles around these guys. It’s infuriating, if you love your country, to watch this happening to us internationally. And what is Obama going to do this week? He’s going to bring in Netanyahu and beat up on him and tell him you gotta cut a deal, or we may not be able to defend Israel. Everything this guy touches, domestic or foreign, I’m serious here, turns to crap." --Mark Levin


Anonymous said...

The ruling class slogan: F U Tea Party!

Anonymous said...

The corpulent Lt. Vance is well fed and forgets that he first is an American.
He and his ilk through the years think to bring their will upon their fellow citizens not recognizing there is a difference between flexing and bowing. Americans do not bow to men, it has something to do with dignity, and we are well able to pick up the pieces.
I recall that Ayers, Soebarakh and that bunch felt that 56 million American casualties were expected and acceptable as they imposed their vision on America. Vance needs to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I remember that link. Does Vance know he is doing Barry's dirty work? Is he aware that he is a monkey in Obama's pants?

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama, you are under arrest.

Aiding and abetting the enemy.
Crimes against the Constitution.
Crimes against the United States and her Citizens.