Sunday, August 17, 2014

10 Things You'd Have to Offer Hillary Clinton In Order to Have Her Speak at Your Event

Using Nevada's state public records law. Laura Myers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals the contractual requirements for hosting a Hillary Clinton speech. Here are 10 things you'd have to offer Hillary in order to prepay for White House influence have her speak.

10 A speaking fee of between $225,000 and $300,000, depending upon the situation.

9 Round-trip transportation on a chartered private jet “e.g., a Gulfstream 450 or larger jet,” plus round-trip business class travel for two advance staffers who will arrive up to three days in advance.

8 Hotel accommodations selected by Clinton’s staff and including “a presidential suite for Secretary Clinton and up to three (3) adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her travel aides and up to two (2) additional single rooms for the advance staff.”

7 A TelePrompter.

6 A stenographer.

5 Meals and incidentals for Clinton, her travel aides and advance staff, as well as all phone charges.

4 A $500 travel stipend to cover out-of-pocket costs for Clinton’s lead travel aide.

3 Final approval of all moderators or introducers.

2 Agreement that Hillary will be "the only person on the stage during her remarks"... and "Clinton will remain at the event no longer than 90 minutes; will pose for no more than 50 photos with no more than 100 people; and won’t allow any press coverage or video- or audio-taping of her speech."

1 A bowl of M&M's with all of the red candy removed.

Okay, I made that last one up.

Why would any organization pay a Clinton $250,000 or $300,000 for a speech?

The answer should be obvious.


Anonymous said...

Just who in the hell does she think she is - the President of the United States????

God help us if that happens.

Anonymous said...

or I could throw out some bread and listen to the crows CAW! over it for the price of some stale,moldy bread.


Freedomsbell said...

You forgot:
A. Introductions can't be made by anyone in a blue dress.
B. No home-baked cookies.