Thursday, August 21, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Sheldon Cooper Presidency

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The Sheldon Cooper Presidency: Ace
Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) meets Jew-hating constituents: Moe Lane
Report: Harry Reid 'Seethed' At Disengaged President Obama: Charlie Spiering

War-gaming November: Incumbents vs. Angry Voters: Stephen Green
ISIS ‘a national security threat’: Cal Thomas
Opportunists fan the flames of racial unrest: Victor Davis Hanson

Major Liberal Group Could Be About To Reject Hillary Clinton: WJ
Time to Pay Attention to Kansas: RS

Holder to "Investigate" Ferguson Shooting for "Civil Rights Violations": GWP
Ferguson: We've Seen Enough to Know That Mike Brown Was a Thug: Publius
Communists Inciting Violence in Ferguson: RebelPundit


More Bad News for Obamacare: LoneCon
New Poll Suggests Pretty Much Everyone Hates Common Core: CI
About That Sovereign "Safety": Karl Denninger

Scandal Central

More Trouble for Eric Holder? Judge Resurrects Fast and Furious Scandal With Order Against DOJ: Fred Lucas
Perry Grand Juror Was A Democratic Party Delegate During Proceedings: MediaTrackers
Why Is Obama Hiding ObamaCare Enrollment Data?: IBD

After Foley Beheading, Obama Making Golf Getaways Difficult to Defend: Joe Concha
DREAMer Who Killed Two Girls In Hit And Run Won't Be Deported, Still Protected By DACA: Caroline May
About Sums It Up: Reaganite


Ferguson: We Need To Stop Talking About “Media Bias”—And Start Talking About Media Evil.: VDARE
James Foley found out ISIS doesn't care who you voted for: Allen West
Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source: Fox

Obama Congratulates Spurs For Hiring Female Coach While Ignoring Death of Two Star General: Treehouse
New book: The ‘SNL’ skit Obama killed, Hillary’s ‘entitlement’ attitude: BPR
If What This Writer Says Is True, Harry Reid May Be About To Destroy Obama: WJ

Ferguson: Not Even An O.J. Jury Would Convict Officer Wilson: Larry Elder
LAGOP’s #AirMary Attack On Landrieu Is Hysterical But True: HayRide
Two From the Prof: WRSA


The Enemy Knows We’re In A World War, But Democrats Don’t: HayRide
President Obama Shows Why He Cannot Beat ISIL: Erick Erickson
Gen. Allen: Destroy the Islamic State Now: Gen. John R. Allen

ISIS Crucifixion Of Children Could Lead To A Christian Holocaust: WJ
Was beheaded American journalist James Foley’s murderer released from Guantanamo Bay?: BPR
Hamas sends a love letter to ISIS (with 10 tips): Commentator

The Full Video Of James Foley’s Beheading -- Hidden by the Media -- Has Been Found: Shoebat
Switzerland: Muslim Protesters Attempt to Storm Synagogue: INN
American Decapitated by Englishman: Mark Steyn

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Heroin’s new hold on Indiana: IJEC
Data Breaches May Drive Consumers Back to Cash: Douglas Ceto
Tesla to allow iPhone to start Model S without key/fobs with v6.0 update: 9to5Mac


If You're Gonna Crash Your Motorcycle...: Feral Irishman
The End of Pax Romana: Can I Get a Big Portabella with that?: MOTUS
Robin Williams and Our Strange Times : Jim Geraghty

Image: Weapons can be easily smuggled past airport body scanners
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QOTD: "The last couple seasons of the show [Saturday Night Live] were the only two in the show’s history where we were totally like every other comedy show: basically, an arm of the Hollywood Democratic establishment. [Jon] Stewart was more nuanced. We just stopped doing anything which could even be misinterpreted as a criticism of Obama." --SNL writer-producer James Downey, who retired in 2013


Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time for Obama to release more innocents from Guantanamo? Let's see some leadership on this Barry, how about an executive order?

Bob Mack said...

The canonization of Michael Brown, the latest would-be patron saint of looters, plunderers, rioteers, vandals, communist agitators, and InJustice Department provocateurs, will just have to wait. Brown, it seems, was not quite the 6’4″, 292 lb. mound of teenage innocence he was originally portrayed to be. In fact, evidence is mounting that he was an aspiring thug and prone-to-violence thief who assaulted the police officer that shot him. Well, kids will be kids, protests the Left... (