Monday, August 11, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Top US Official: US Less Safe than on 9/10/2001

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Top US Official: US Less Safe than on 9/10/2001: AmInt
Obama: Pulling All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Was Not ‘My Decision': CNS
ISIS Supporters Flash Islamic Flag in Front of White House: GWP

Thoughts On Obama’s Upcoming Amnesty: Steve Sailer
Don’t Mistake Tea Party Birth Pains for Death Throes: Star Parker
NC's nondescript, virtually unnoticed, hugely important Senate race: Byron York

Hidden Cameras Capture Smugglers Crossing Border 'No-Man's Land': NBC
AZ Sheriff: My Officers Have Arrested People Deported '12, 15 Times': Breitbart
Cartels call DHS, Border Patrol "UPS" because we're “their logistics”: Breitbart

Race Riot, Blacks Looting in Ferguson, Missouri: AmPower
California Releases Thousands of 'Lifers' from Prison: L2G
Obama balances world crises with golf, time off: Post


‘You don’t have to impeach a president... You can just cut off the money’: RedAlert
NYT: Recovery Has Replaced Good Jobs With Bad Jobs: S&L
Selling off America one piece at a time: DC Clothesline

Scandal Central

40,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children Mysteriously Vanish: Treehouse
Is Obama even familiar with his own national security policy?: RS
Carrying a gun way worse than beating your wife: Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Ministry Of Truth: Obama Always Wanted To Leave Troops In Iraq: Ace
Obama Golfs For FIVE HOURS as US Evacuates Embassy Staff From Baghdad Chaos: GWP
Going It Alone: WaPo

Climate & Energy

Surprise: Radical Latino Separatist Groups Back EPA's Water Grab: The Hill
Paper: Bill Nye's faked 'greenhouse effect' experiment gets 'basic physics' wrong: Hockey Schtick
Get used to toilet-to-tap water, Californians told: Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian


David Gregory Slams Obama: ‘Big, Expansive Terrorist Threat Amassed On His Watch’: DC
CNN: Obama is ‘POWERLESS’ to affect foreign policy and his poll numbers are suffering for it: Scoop
NBC’s Mitchell Slams Claim WH Lacked Intelligence on ISIS: ‘The White House Wasn’t Listening’: CNS

Questioning the Chairman: Erick Erickson
Yes, Nixon was bad but Obama is worse: Roger Stone
Obama's Map of Misreading: Power Line

Leveling the Playing Field (With Explosives): Jim Goad
The Power Of Scapegoating: Derek Hunter
Cinti. Enquirer Omits Michelle Obama's Name as District Ends Federal School Lunches: Tom Blumer


ISIS, the Caliphate, is Evil Incarnate: Matthew Clark
Yazidi Women, Children Buried Alive in Mass Graves by ISIS: Sara Noble
ISIS kills 500, kidnaps 300; four more US airstrikes hit; and Obama gets in another round of golf: Scoop

Coup underway in Iraq: Hot Air
Former Chief of Staff for Colin Powell says ‘same conditions’ exist under ISIS as Israel: Scoop
Why The "Dead Civilians" Numbers From Gaza Are Hard To Accept: Rhymes

“Sweden ever so quickly has gone from so-called anti-Zionism to open anti-Semitism”: LI
UK: Sharia patrols screaming “Allahu akbar” stop street parties, music: JihadWatch
The Mask Is Off: Charles Gati

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The first footage from Blackmagic's new $6,000 4K camera is predictably sublime: Steve Dent, Engadget
Supermoon around the world: Trib
Microsoft Surface Drowning?: Slashdot


Amazing Video: “Twins Were Born But Haven’t Realized It Yet”: LifeNews
Apparel Airbags Could Save Countless Lives And Prevent Biker Injuries: CarThrottle
Comcast: Only Reason Customer Gets Bogus Charges Refunded Is Because He Recorded Call: Consumerist

Image: Obama Escorted By SWAT Team And Snipers On Dangerous Vineyard Golf Course
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QOTD: "The tragedy of where we are — and this is not about President Obama. This is about President Bush. It’s about President Clinton. It’s about where the country has been now about radical Islamism probably for — probably since 1979 when the Iranians seized the American embassy. Nobody wants to tell the truth.

The truth is this is a radical Islamist group. They say openly if you don’t convert, we’ll kill you. It turns out they actually mean it. There’s no complexity. They’re exactly like Hamas. Hamas says openly we’re going to kill every Jew; that’s a direct quote from two weeks. We will kill every Jew. The difference is that is ISIS gaining power and they’re doing exactly what they said they would do.

And I think this, if you go from Boko Haram in Nigeria all the way across region, what you see is a radical Islamist force. Nobody in the American State Department, nobody in the White House, not just Obama, but for three or four administrations, we have not had the courage to confront how bad this is, and it’s getting worse.

By the way, yesterday there were — there were ISIS forces in Lebanon occupying a town in the middle of a fight with the Lebanese army in northern Lebanon. They’re in Syria. They are recruiting people in Europe and the United States. They see themselves as a worldwide fight, and so the president says we’re going to stop them from getting to Erbil. Well, what does that accomplish?" --Newt Gingrich

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I am very concerned about Californians drinking waste water, so much so that as a resident of Washington State I will flush twice to insure their re-supply.