Thursday, August 21, 2014

STILL HAS A GOOD FIRST STEP: Total Time it Took Obama to Tee Off After Making Foley Statement: 480 Seconds

Relayed by the invaluable Weasel Zippers:

Even CNN noticed the less than solemn attention Mr. Obama paid to the beheading of an American journalist. And @BiffSpackle offered his usual caustic 'toon pillorying our beleaguered POTUS.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

The American people are prepared to offer 1.5 mil for the safe return of Mr. Sotloff, there is only one condition and that is we receive the head of John "the beetle" in a shoebox. Eric Holder will be arriving in Syria to work out the problems on your end. said...

Intentionally destroying a nation doesn't take much work. In fact, the lazier, dumber and uglier the leader, the less work they need to do to achieve their ends.

There is being 'asleep at the switch,' and there is intentionally throwing the switch in the wrong direction. The latter is Ebola Boy.

Duke C said...

The Obama Doctrine: "Not now, I beheading to the golf course."