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THE TENTACLES OF QATAR: From ISIS to the White House

By Randall Stevens

Why Israel? Why now?

Though few Americans paid any attention at the time, in November of last year, Secretary of State John Kerry announced to the world that this summer would be defined by violence against the Jewish state. Almost as he had been tipped off, the Secretary of State warned Israel to make a deal with the likes of Hamas and Fatah, Palestinian parties who do not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, Kerry said, “Does Israel want a third intifada? … “I believe that if we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis; if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel. There will be an increasing campaign of delegitimization of Israel that’s taking place on an international basis.” Kerry’s November comments were followed up in May by other, albeit anonymous, officials… one who stated, “I guess we need another intifada to create the circumstances that would allow progress.”

These were thuggish words, even for an administration that has aided, abetted, encouraged, and armed the anti-Semitic, genocidal Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda rebels in Syria. Yet the Obama administration spoke with more than words. In June, the administration had the State Department approve $500 million of funding to a unity government between Hamas and Fatah. This, despite the fact that according to U.S. law, it is illegal to fund any Palestinian entity in which Hamas is a member. Repetitively calling the Palestinian government “technocratic,” as (opposed to what, “terrorist?”), State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki brazenly lied to the press, stating, “[There is] no evidence that Hamas plays any role in the interim technocratic government.” One month later, that “no evidence” is technocraticly launching rockets into Israel.

Ostensibly, the aerial assault and now ground invasion of Gaza was the direct result of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in June. This triggered what appears to be a revenge crime by three Jewish Israelis, who kidnapped and murdered a 16 year old Palestinian boy. This escalation was soon followed by rockets aimed into Israeli territory from Gaza, and now both sides are at war. Or, one could say, predictably at war. Did not Kerry mention something about this last year?

One cannot consider these events in a vacuum. The Middle East at the present time is in chaos, and there are good reasons why. Although never known for political stability, the Middle East today is in the midst of anarchy due to the Arab Spring. From the beginning, the Obama administration embraced this movement, and the United States remains an important source of support for transnational, Islamic, revolutionary groups. Understanding broadly who the United States has chosen to back in this struggle is especially relevant now that two countries in particular, Egypt and Qatar, have stepped forward to negotiate a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza.

The Arab Spring, which seemingly begun popular as uprisings against secular strongmen, soon devolved into a free-for-all for Islamists of every stripe, from the Muslim Brotherhood to al Qaeda, to local groups affiliated with these two, related (the Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to al Qaeda) stateless terror umbrella groups. These Islamists, who at times did and continue to war with each other, share two important characteristics. The first is a common ideological and religious goal: to recreate the Islamic Caliphate, the last incarnation which was abolished in 1924 when Kemal Ataturk and his party ended the Ottoman Empire. The second is their reliance on organized crime, including both narcotics and (sex and labor) slave trafficking, to fund their operations.

The first, the reestablishment of a Caliphate, keeps the Islamists united and militated against the west. It is a unifying battle cry that appeals to the devout Muslim in all jihadis. While groups as distant as Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Taliban in Afghanistan have few cultural commonalities, they can certainly agree that western influence is decadent and haram, and that Islam is the answer to their societies’ earthly problems of poverty and corruption. Jihad in this sense panders to individual Muslims independent of race, nationality, and language.

The second, their integration into transnational organized crime, gives the disparate movement dynamism, provides them with access to funding and weapons, and allows them to form alliances with powerful cartels in other regions of the world. Terrorist organizations accept violence as a legitimate political tool. What’s drug running? What’s human trafficking? The violence inherent in these activities are normal and natural to terrorists. What is genocide but mass murder? And what is mass murder when you’ve made peace with and embraced the concept of killing entire families and villages in the name of Allah? Criminal activities, coordinated (especially) with groups in South America, give the Islamist movement all the money and connections they need. Like the slogan of the Muslim Brothers, “Islam is the answer,” the jihadis believe that “Jihad is the answer.”

The coordination of these two characteristics, Islamism and organized crime, has traditionally been the domain of the Pakistani ISI. Over the last three decades there are several notable examples of this convergence through Pakistan. In the early 1990s, the financial world was rocked to learn the true activities of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Run by a Pakistani Banker, one Agha Hasan Abedi, BCCI was the “primary conduit” used by the CIA to fund the mujahedeen in Afghanistan. BCCI’s branches were also discovered to be doing payroll for the CIA, laundering money for Noriega in Panama (read: cocaine), and funding the development of the Pakistani nuclear program and A.Q. Khan. Even today, more than two decades after its closure, the full extent and reach of BCCI’s activities remain unclear.

Today, it isn’t Abedi who symbolizes Pakistan’s dual approach to Islamism but Dawood Ibrahim. Ibrahim, the son of a Mumbai police constable and boss of the Indian underworld, is practically a Director at, perhaps master of, the ISI. His vast criminal empire ranges from opium/heroin sourced from the Taliban, Bollywood, money laundering (hawala), to human trafficking. With the ISI, Ibrahim was behind two of the deadliest terror attacks in modern Indian history – the 1993 Mumbai bombings and 2008 Mumbai attacks, which left hundreds of Indians dead. So (in)vested in terror is Ibrahim, that he reportedly contributes 30% of his revenues to support Islamic terror.

Shelter in Qatar

Although Pakistan has long been a nominal ally of United States, nobody would ever accuse the United States of colonizing Pakistan. Matter of fact, it is quite unsafe for Americans to even travel in Pakistan. But there is one Islamist country where the United States is more than welcome, where American contractors are making billions of dollars; and it happens to be the same country who is “negotiating” the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza: Qatar.

Qatar is home to two of the largest American military bases in the world, Al Udeid and As Sayliyah. Al Udeid is the hub for CENTCOM in the Middle East region, while As Sayliyah is a huge pre-positioning base. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were directed out of the American bases in Doha, Qatar. It’s in Qatar that the United States executes its military policies and pursues its objectives in the Middle East.

With all the protection provided by a massive American military presence, you’d think that the tiny Gulf state, which only has 278,000 citizens (and a non-citizen population of 1.8 million), would have a relatively small defense budget. (For a considerable amount of time, Qatar did have a military force roughly equivalent to its size.) Why arm yourselves when the greatest military in the world is located right outside your capital city? Yet Qatar, per capita, is far and away the greatest purchasers of military grade weaponry in the world. Huge arms contractors like The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon have sold tens of billions of dollars in 2014 alone to the ruling al-Thani family. In April, Qatar announced a $24 billion arms purchase from a variety of manufacturers, Boeing included. In July, another $11 billion contract was approved by the Pentagon, which included the manufacturers Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. These 2014 deals give Qataris such toys as Patriot missiles and Apache helicopters, and many more sophisticated weapons. People talk about how armed America and Americans are, but, per capita, Qatar makes us all look like denizens of gun-free zones like New York City.

A quick search for Qatari arms purchases in 2013 yields additional results, and not only with American contractors; the German tank manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) sold them more than 50 tanks and 20 self-propelled howitzers. According to a March 2013 article in Defense News, “‘Everyone is going to Qatar. Every day there’s a presentation,’ a French executive said, adding that Qatari authorities have offers from America, China, France, Germany, South Korea and Turkey to equip an army brigade… Qatari officials have compiled an equipment list worth ‘at least 20 billion euros,’ a French defense expert said.”

Commercially, the Qataris depend on two sources of income, energy extraction and commercial airline flights, both largely dependent on American companies to provide capital goods. ExxonMobil is partnered with the al-Thanis to capitalize on Qatar’s vast reserves of natural gas, the third largest in the world behind Russia and Iran. ExxonMobil has been in Qatar since the 1990s, and is intimately tied into the local community. The company has sponsored the Qatar ExxonMobil Open since 1993, and runs a program at Qatar University called ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. Boeing, in addition to selling Apache helicopters and other military technology, is in a kind of “marriage” with Qatar Airways. In July, Boeing announced $18.9 billion deal with Qatar Airways for 50 777-9X jets, with an option to purchase an additional $37.7 billion worth of planes at a later date. Not to forget the Europeans, Qatar Airways has signed deals with the European aerospace giant Airbus, for a legion of 80 of the latest model of Airbus, the A350, planes that each have a price tag of over $290 million, making Qatar Airways the buyer for an additional astounding $25 billion Airbus planes. Apparently Qatar Airways believes in polygamy.

Qatar’s reach extends beyond military and commercial dealings. In a feel-good marketing push worthy of a state sponsor of terror, Qatar has made it known to the world (and investors) that they are transitioning to a knowledge-based economy. Many American universities have satellite campuses in Doha, including Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, and Weill Cornell Medical College. Note in the case of Georgetown, Northwestern, and Weill Cornell, the U.S.-based schools are located in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City. Carnegie Mellon has had a longstanding relationship with the Department of Defense going back to early DARPA cooperation, and in April was awarded a $7.5 mil grant with the DoD to “reshape mathematics,” part of an Air Force project. Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Doha focuses, of course, on international relations and diplomacy. The focus on education is more self-serving than idealistic.

Beyond the universities in Doha, Qatar operates many international education-directed initiatives and organizations. These include the Qatar Foundation, which brought a Harvard Law School program to Hamad bin Khalifa Univeristy; and WISE, sponsored in part by ExxonMobil, which funds global educational programs and activities. In one case in July 2013, the Qatar Foundation funded a program to teach Arabic in the Tucson Unified School District, a district known for implementing a La Raza-developed curriculum, focusing on racial grievances for Mexicans. The two groups seem to regularly show up with each other—an odd pairing, unless one can piece together the intricate threadwork that connects the Middle East and Latin America, a daunting task for anyone to attempt at home on their own. Oddly enough, Lockheed Martin, which just signed a massive multi-billion arms contract this month with Qatar, is a corporate backer of La Raza.

All of this may seem harmless enough, but for the clear links between Qatar, Islamic terror, and transnational organized crime, including narcotics and human trafficking. Furthermore, as will be presented below, Qatar, and evidently the United States under the Obama administration, are the patrons of IS[IS] and the new genocidal Islamic Caliphate.

A Gangster’s Paradise

Qatar over the last ten years has made a name for itself as the richest country, per capita, in the entire world. Mean income in the Kingdom was $93,352 in 2013, and the peninsula is renowned for its booming real estate market. The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, with more than (at least) USD $170 billion assets under management.

But scratch the glitzy surface, or dig into its history, and a distinctly different picture emerges. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, was on payroll of the Qatari Ministry of Electric and Water for a period of years. His “job” was a no-show job at that, arranged by the head of the Qatari religious authority. It was Qatar who eventually handed him over to George Tenet’s CIA, suggesting that they knew where he was all along. According to leaked State Department cables, Qatar has the worst record of cooperation for counterterrorism – worse than even Iran; worse even than “Axis of Evil” charter member Iran – that in and of itself is a paradigm-shifting statement. Qatar Charity was named in court proceedings as one of the organizations who funded al Qaeda’s activities overseas, and named by Osama bin Laden as a favorite funder of terror.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera television network is the widest-viewed, consistent proponent of Sharia (i.e., Islamic) law in the world today. The star of the network, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, is an Egyptian Muslim Brother who fled Egypt for Qatar in 1961 following several imprisonments by the nationalist Nasser regime. Arguably the most vociferous proponent of the Arab Spring, in 2011 Qaradawi issued a fatwa that called for the murder of Gaddafi of Libya, something the Islamists would later satisfy. In 2013, Qaradawi urged all Sunnis to join the Syrian “rebels,” (i.e., al Qaeda and the like) to defeat Bashar al-Assad. He additionally accused Hezbollah, a Shiite dominated militia, of wanting to exterminate Sunnis.

In doing so, as serving as the mouthpiece for the Arab Spring’s genocidal “revolutionaries,” Qaradawi was only serving parroting official Qatari policy. For Qatar was on the ground and in the air, supporting the Libyan rebels with force as well as strategic counsel. In Syria, Qatar once again was at the head of the pack, along with Turkey, supporting the Islamists. It was revealed on PBS this May that the United States was training Syrian rebels in Qatar.

What has happened to Libya post-Gaddafi is a tragedy and a travesty. While Gaddafi was certainly not a benevolent dictator, (indeed he will be remembered by many as the “the mad dog of the Middle East,” a title given to him by Ronald Reagan), since September 11, 2001 he had been cooperating with the United States on the war on terror, and had welcomed in American contractors and government development envoys.

Today, Libya is much like Afghanistan – fractured, anarchic, explicitly tribal, and a haven for every smuggler, human and narcotics, from North Africa to Mexico to Paris. In fact, the comparison to Afghanistan, where Dawood Ibrahim’s poppy fields are cultivated by the Islamist Taliban, is apropos.

Qatar, too, is in business with Dawood – or at the very least, the ISI and the Taliban heroin smugglers he does business with. The Qataris are in a “joint venture agreement” with the ISI’s National Logistics Cell. The NLC, a logistics arm of the Pakistani military, are also well-known heroin smugglers for the Taliban. Do the Qataris mind? Not at all – the NLC boasts of its good relations with the Qataris, whom they call “brotherly.” In fact, we can rightfully assume that the NLC and Qataris both profit off the heroin, refined from opium grown by the Taliban. Qatar, after all, did accept (and then pamper) the five Taliban leaders in an exchange for one deserting American soldier. Oh right, that swap came after the former Emir of Qatar proposed the swap to Obama, at West Point, no less. According to Ollie North, presumably it was the Qataris who paid a $5 or $6 million ransom to get those Talibs repatriated to Qatar.

Then again, apparently NATO doesn’t mind about the NLC either. They are NATO contractors who move supplies into Afghanistan for coalition forces at $235 per container. Really, NATO employs Taliban heroin smugglers – see here.

The Emir’s Slaves

The World Cup may be over, but that doesn’t mean FIFA is out of the news. Scheduled to host the 2022 World Cup is none other than Qatar, who was exposed bribing FIFA officials to ensure that in 2022, the world’s most watched sports event would be held in Doha.

As is their usual modus operandi, the Qataris have planned to make the event gaudy and over-the-top. Proposing to build nine stadiums, which will allegedly be air conditioned due to the extreme temperatures, they have hired the same architect who build the famous Bird’s Nest stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics – Albert Speer Jr. Mr. Speer, you may know, is the son of Albert Speer Sr., the German architect, friend and confidant of Adolf Hitler, and architect of the German war machine. Speer Sr. was fond of the cheap labor provided by Slavic and Jewish slaves, and it’s not different for Speer Jr.’s projects in Qatar.

Before the bribery scandal was exposed, Qatar’s legitimacy to host the World Cup was called into question due to their egregious abuses of imported labor. In a less politically correct times, these would be called slaves. Matter of fact, the UK’s Guardian ran an article entitled, “Qatar’s World Cup ‘Slaves.’” The Guardian investigation enumerated several abuses, including:

  • Evidence of forced labour on a huge World Cup infrastructure project.
  • Some Nepalese men have alleged that they have not been paid for months and have had their salaries retained to stop them running away.
  • Some workers on other sites say employers routinely confiscate passports and refuse to issue ID cards, in effect reducing them to the status of illegal aliens.
  • Some labourers say they have been denied access to free drinking water in the desert heat.
  • About 30 Nepalese sought refuge at their embassy in Doha to escape the brutal conditions of their employment

The involvement of Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company syndicate in human trafficking is well-established. The business connections between Pakistan and Qatar are no secret, as discussed above. Qatar, it is nearly plain to see, is using Ibrahim’s slave labor for construction, under the watchful eye of the son of an infamous Nazi slave driver.

Is this really the kind of close ally the United States wants? If the American people understood who the al Thanis were, and how close the President and his administration is to Qatar, there would be a severe public backlash.

Infiltration of the Military Academies & CIA

Wait a minute… why was the former Emir of Qatar at West Point anyway, when that Bergdahl deal was struck? He was at the graduation of his son! This may surprise you, but American military academies regularly accept foreign cadets. It is done for a variety of reasons, including building better relations and cross-service training. As Qatar is a close American ally, the fact that Hamad Victor Nazim, younger brother of the current Emir, graduated from America’s most prestigious military academy is in itself not scandalous. But considering who Qatar supports – al Qaeda, the Taliban, and IS[IS] – the newest graduate from “Harvard on the Hudson” should raise some very serious security concerns for our military.

Military training in foreign lands is an an al-Thani family tradition. Like his father, the current Emir, Tamin bin Hamad al-Thani is a graduate of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious military academy, the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. Although it may be tempting to explain this away due to the fact that, until 1971, Qatar was a protectorate of the UK, there is a more practical explanation. London, or “Londinistan” as it has been called, has a major presence of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. After being thrown out of Egypt (again) when Morsi’s government fell, the Brotherhood moved their headquarters to London. HSBC Bank, whose own headquarters are in London, has a reputation of money laundering for Islamists and terrorists. This July, an investigation revealed an “aggressive Islamist agenda” in Birmingham schools, north of London.

Britons, too, might consider checking on their Qatari “friends.”

Why stop at the military academies? Credible sources within the Beltway have identified none less than John Brennan as a likely Islamist infiltrator. Though it has been practically erased from the public’s memory, a report in 2010 called Sharia: The Threat to America, and issued by the Center for Security Policy whose Board includes former CIA Director (under Bill Clinton) R. James Woolsey, states, in part:

“[I]t is hard to overstate the danger associated with the President of the United States having as his top advisor [Brennan] in these sensitive portfolios someone so severely compromised with respect to shariah and the threat it poses.”

The report was issued when Brennan was Counterterrorism Advisor to Obama. He was given a promotion to Director of the CIA in 2013. Concerns, anyone?

The Caliphate for the Caliphaters

In June, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS[i], declared a new Caliphate. Much can be said about the lead up to this declaration, the genocidal nature of its founders, and the illicit nature of their funding. In a previous article, The Caliphate is Back in Business, I explained the background and intentions of the new Islamic State. The focus here will be on who are the international backers of ISIS.

The area controlled by ISIS, as its name implies, spans regions of Syria and Iraq. ISIS is partially comprised of those same “Syrian rebels,” who were funded, supported, and armed by the United States and Qatar. Captured documents reveal deep Qatari involvement in the creation of ISIS. (Note that Qatar was also integral in the creation of the Nigerian Islamist group, Boko Haram, which was originally set up as a money making venture.) The Acting Qatari Ambassador in Libya was instrumental in recruiting 1,800 jihadis for ISIS. An article in the Daily Beast, America’s Allies are Funding ISIS, details Qatari, Kuwaiti, and Saudi funding for ISIS. Yet Saudi Arabia has amassed 30,000 troops on its borders precisely due to the ISIS threat; and the Kuwaiti charge comes from The Brookings Institute, which has a satellite in Doha, and takes money from the Qatari government.

Should there be any doubt where local alliances lay in the Middle East, in March, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain withdrew their ambassadors from Doha. The reason? Each country felt that the al-Thanis were attempting to overthrow their governments. That month, Saudi Arabia also demanded three things of Qatar, lest they face a blockade by Saudi forces: that they shut down Al Jazeera; that they close Brookings Doha; and that they end the presence of the RAND Corporation on their peninsula. (Note: RAND’s presence in Qatar ended at the end of 2013, unless KSA knows something we don’t.)

Looking at a map, that ISIS has survived this long is simply perplexing. They are surrounded on all sides with alleged foes. In Iraq, the military fights for its life, for when ISIS captures Iraqi military prisoners, they are summarily executed in scenes reminiscent of WWII. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian military has been at war with these people since March 2011. According to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Iran is working with the Iraqi government to contain the ISIS threat. Jordan has been a perennial foe of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood; the same can be said for Saudi Arabia (the first country in the world to expel the Ikhwan), Israel, and Egypt. How is it that ISIS continues to thrive?

ISIS has three important backers: Qatar, described above, Turkey, who under Erdogan has become radically Islamist, and… the United States under Barack Obama. Turkey, like Qatar, welcomes back the Islamic Caliphate. The last Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, had its capital in Istanbul until 1924. Recep Erdogan is a proud Islamist who has severely curbed the alcohol industry in Turkey and repealed the ban on the Islamic head covering imposed the secularist modernizer, Kemal Ataturk. Qatar and Turkey are partners on a variety of economic issues as well, including a liquefied natural gas pipeline, a highway across Bulgaria, and construction projects. Turkey, with Qatar and the United States, backs the Syrian rebels (and thus ISIS), and has allowed their border with Syria to be used as a transit zone.

Turkey, like the United States, is a member of NATO. This means they are part of the integrated security force that was established during the early Cold War to provide a common defense against the Soviet Union. NATO countries share protocols, standards, and a variety of other systems that allow them to act as a cohesive bloc. Qatar is the heart of the United States military in the Middle East, making them all but an official NATO member. Is NATO’s de facto policy support for ISIS? It is a legitimate question that few people are willing to touch.

We know that Obama refused to intervene in Iraq, even as ISIS horrified the world with indiscriminate slaughter. ISIS has rampaged against the Christians, in what many people have rightly called a genocide. Iraq’s Christian population has dwindled away to practically nothing in Mosul, where it used to be 60,000 strong. Syrian Christians have been persecuted and massacred from the beginning of the Syrian war, with crucifixions making a modern comeback. In case you were unsure whether Christians were being singled out by the jihadis, they made it clear enough when they destroyed Jonah’s tomb, a sacred landmark for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Jonah, like other Prophets of the Old Testament, is mentioned in the Koran, and the tomb of Jonah in was located in a mosque. Like the Taliban’s destruction of the ancient Buddhas, anything that predates their interpretation of Islam is considered haram and thus must be eradicated.

ISIS is also a threat to the majority of Muslims, for they have given themselves the right to determine what is a mosque, and what mosques are not mosques. While ISIS, al Qaeda, and their ilk scream “religious violation!” to the international press and political establishment in non-Muslim lands every time the “West” enters or injures a mosque, these very same groups are on a bent to destroy more mosques than the “infidels” ever could. Moreover, with the protests against the destruction of Korans throughout the Muslim world in the last few years, few stop to consider and ask an obvious question: When mosques are attacked by jihadi suicide-bombers, are Korans not defiled? Seeing the aftermath of jihadi attacks on mosques turned into the all-too-familiar piles of rubble that blight our present era, the answer is of course yes.

In July, a startling report came out that sheds light onto the American relationship with Qatar and, by proxy, Hamas. Qatar, who pledged $400 million to Hamas in 2012, is also a multi-million dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation’s own website classifies “The State of Qatar” as a donor in the class of between $1-$5 million. Recall that it was under Bill Clinton’s administration that the World Trade Center was first attacked by KSM’s nephew, Ramzi Yousef; and it was his administration who welcomed the input of the Islamist organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR, est. 1994), which has ties to Hamas. As Secretary of State, in 2010 Hillary lifted the U.S. visa ban on Tariq Ramadan, the son of one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founders, Islamic legal scholar Sayyid Ramadan. (Sayyid was also the son-in-law of Hasan al-Banna, the charismatic founder of the Brotherhood.) Tariq holds the positions of Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies (Qatar), and Director of the Research Centre of Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) in Doha. Qatar, where else.

The Jewish Question

The Qataris, with assistance from the Obama administration – and certainly others within our government, in both parties, who all deal with defense and energy lobbyists – are behind the debacles in Libya and Egypt, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the downfall of Iraq, ISIS, and support the Taliban with Dawood Ibrahim. Their operations target Christians and any secular Muslim state. Unexplored in this article, but fairly conclusive, is a Qatari connection to Mexican cartels and other Latin American drug and human trafficking gangs.

Knowing this, is it surprising that Qatar, and apparently this administration, are behind the ongoing attack on Israel by Hamas? The evidence is abundant. Yes, like the Obama administration and State Department, they pledged funding to Hamas. As such, the pieces fall right into place.

Begin with John Kerry, the head of the U.S. Department of State, and his “intifada” comments in November. The kidnapping of their teenagers leads to Israeli military retaliation, and the players line up as expected:

  • Egypt, the traditional (and original) broker between Arab states and Israel, offers to negotiate a peace settlement, which is accepted by Israel and rejected by Hamas. (Egypt has not only sentenced hundreds of Muslim Brothers to die for their reign of terror, but also arrested several Al Jazeera reporters.)
  • Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan lashes out at the Egyptian negotiations. He lambasts Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi: “Is Sisi a party (to a ceasefire)? Sisi is a tyrant himself… Egypt is not a party … They are trying to legitimise (the Sisi administration) in Egypt. It is not a legitimate administration. It is illegitimate… Hamas is a party there.”
  • The state sponsor of terror, criminal Qatar, offers to negotiate a peace settlement. They are viewed by the American media, somehow, as a more neutral party – see CNN’s coverage here, which fails to appreciate that Qatar is a backer of Hamas. The UK’s Guardian describes Qatar’s unique ability to offer a “channel of communication” between Israel and Hamas, calling to mind their role in the Bergdahl deal. Breitbart describes the Qatari plan as “Hamas friendly.”
  • The Israeli press picks up on the Qatari connection to Hamas. In an article entitled “Qatar and Hamas: A Dangerous Link,” a columnist for Israel Hayom writes, “There is a colossal, systematic failure in how the U.S. has mapped its interests across the region, as well as in how it has worked toward achieving them. The U.S. missteps start in Iran and then head to Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, Africa, the Arabian peninsula and all the way to the ends of the Earth. A random cab driver in Washington probably could have navigated better for the U.S…. even the amateurs know Qatar and Turkey have been arming and funding the most lethal terrorist organizations in the region — the Islamic State group (formerly known as ISIS), the Nusra Front and al-Qaida.”
  • John Kerry, in his anti-Israel posture that we’ve come to expect, is caught on camera mocking the Israeli military operation in Gaza. He says “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,” while talking to an aide. He goes on to tell the aide, “We’ve got to get over there.”
  • Israeli President Shimon Peres accuses Qatar of becoming “the world’s largest funder of terror.” Quite true, President Peres.
  • Kerry inserts himself into the negotiations, and travels to Egypt. He receives an exceptionally frosty reception, and is subjected to a metal detector security screening.
  • The terror megaphone, Al Jazeera, makes the case for Qatari, rather than Egyptian, mediation. “That Sisi is unfit to mediate should be plainly clear, given his history with Hamas and its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas was established during the first intifada as a Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood — which it officially remains in the Hamas charter… Secretary of State John Kerry is close with Qatar’s foreign minister, Khaled al-Attiyeh, who can bring Hamas to the negotiating table.”
  • Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman seeks to ban Al Jazeera from operating in Israel, calling it “the pillar of propaganda in the Middle East.”
  • The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration prohibits American air travel to Israel for two full days, after Hamas rockets land near the Tel Aviv airport. Some in Israel view this as a form of economic sanction, a reward to Hamas. Senator Ted Cruz questions whether the ban was a “political decision,” rather than one made out of genuine safety concerns.
  • Hamas rockets are found found in United Nations-run schools in Gaza, turning civilian buildings into legitimate military targets and endangering the lives of Palestinian children.


Qatar-backed ISIS is in the process of liquidating all traces of Christianity, and Christians, in Syria and Iraq. Qatar-backed Hamas has as its stated goal the destruction of Israel. Without any doubt, Qatar is a major United States ally, militarily, economically, and through educational proxies and agreements. President Obama, whose friendship with Islamist Erdogan is relatively well-known[ii], has, in addition, an affinity with the rulers of Qatar, the al-Thani family.

Do the citizens of the United States realize the extent that the Obama administration does the bidding of Qatar? Is it not reasonable to suggest that the American public, which broadly supports Israel, would be strongly against American involvement in a genocide of Middle Eastern Christians? Due to these relations, is it so far to suggest that the Obama administration is practically at war with Israel?

The goal of Qatar and their allies is the establishment of a Caliphate across the entire Middle East, extending into Africa, Asia, and Europe. Like the Ottoman Empire before them, responsible for the Armenian genocide, and previous Caliphates before the Ottoman Empire, their treatment of the Christians and Jews would be violent, cruel, and unbending.

To fund the dawning of a new Islamic era, the Qataris, with the Pakistani ISI and Turkey, rely on criminal activities including narcotics trafficking and slavery. Their supposed fidelity to Islam is trumped only by their craven need for profit through human suffering.

Should the American people come to understand Obama’s foreign policy priorities, impeachment – accompanied by mass civil protest and outrage – would follow.

[i] ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, or IS, the Islamic State, are the same thing.

[ii] Although the Obama-Erdogan friendship was legendary, Erdogan now claims they no longer speak directly. Citing a fallout after Obama failed to use air strikes against the Assad regime, the Turkish Prime Minister now says they communicate through their foreign ministers.

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This one article that ties so much of what and who is behind the geopolitical turmoil going on this piece is a great essay on the motives and its agenda. Obama and the Clintons have been instrumental in what is happening. Because without the regimes of the Clintons and Obama and the influence, power and money they control none of what is happening could take place.
But the larger picture is why it is something worth reading. We, us you and I, our families our very way of life is the eventual target of what is going on.
These monsters running things in our country have invested their entire lives in what is happening. I think it is not unreasonable to say they are not going to let an election stop them. Somebody has to take Obama's place, or, he is going to become dictator for life through some false flag event where Marshal Law is implemented. The money and power at stake is to great for them to abide by any will of the people, they already run wild without consequence for what they are doing.
Essentially what I'm saying is we are next. And all that stands in the way of these motherfuckers and our children is good men with rifles. That is what this is going to come down to. These people know no laws or respect the lives or liberty of any people. And nothing will be beyond them. Nothing is. It is the knowledge good men have rifles and are willing to use them that makes these idiots careful what they try to do here in America.
Everything points right back at us as a people. Just the presence of us existing is all that restrains these megalomaniacs. At some point they will do something in an effort to neutralize the American people and what we stand for. They have to. Because we are the only threat to their power and money that exists.
They are very afraid of the power we naturally hold. And monsters like this can not tolerate threats to their power.

Boon Vickerson is out there said...

This one article that ties so much of what and who is behind the geopolitical turmoil going on this piece is a great essay on the motives and its agenda. Obama and the Clintons have been instrumental in what is happening. Because without the regimes of the Clintons and Obama and the influence, power and money they control none of what is happening could take place.
But the larger picture is why I suggest it is something worth reading. We, us you and I, our families our very way of life is the eventual target of what is going on.
These monsters running things in our country have invested their entire lives in what is happening. I think it is not unreasonable to say they are not going to let an election stop them. Somebody has to take Obama's place, or, a false flag event such as declaration of Marshal Law where Obama becomes dictator for life takes place The money and power at stake is to great for them to abide by any will of the people, they already run wild without consequence for what they are doing.
Essentially what I'm saying is we are next. And all that stands in the way of these motherfuckers and our children is good men with rifles. That is what it is going to come down to. These people know no laws or respect the lives or liberty of any people. And nothing will be beyond them. Nothing is. It is the knowledge good men have rifles and are willing to use them that makes these idiots careful what they try to do here in America.
Everything points right back at us as a people. Just the presence of us existing is all that restrains these megalomaniacs. At some point they will do something in an effort to neutralize the American people and what we stand for. They have to. Because we are the only threat to their power and money that exists.
They are very afraid of the power we naturally hold. And monsters like this can not tolerate threats to their power.

Anonymous said...

The most enlightening article I have read so far. The lack of a FB symbol gives even more credibility. Do you mind if I share this with Australian Intelligence Agencies who seem to be floundering amidst stged beheadings and punching Muslims mothers in the mouth. Sheer superficial nonsense. Thank you!