Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cadillac to Throw Down Against Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series

So... despite the government bailout and the recall skulduggery, I hope for the best.

General Motors global product development chief Mark Reuss revealed Tuesday that Cadillac will press ahead with an F-segment sedan built upon a new platform.

The Detroit News reports the new Cadillac will slot above the full-size XTS, and will throw down against the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series.

Reuss adds that the flagship sedan is important for the brand “if it is to compete as a serious luxury carmaker” in the top luxury segment...

If it's to "compete as a serious luxury carmaker", I'd humbly suggest that moving all manufacturing to right-to-work states might be a good start.

Hat tip: BadBlue Car News.


Anonymous said...

Obama's hounds went after Chevy but now that they got their pound of flesh I hope people look hard at the GM product. What they will find is that the design teams thought no detail to be insignificant and there is considerable thought given to every aspect of their vehicles. Look no further than the use of shouting color in the Ford dashboards, the ungainly symmetry of controls and steering wheels, and the mis-matching of engine size to vehicle use and one can clearly see that Chevy has nailed their products. Thanks for bailing them out chumps, they made good use of their hard time.

Alphamail said...

As a 50 year Chevy (GMC) guy this portrait of the future generation of cars is scary, if not pathetic.

The undercarriage and engine may be dynamite but the design is an M-80 descending to a sparkler.

The visual beauty is a liberal 1970's feminist campus organizer with underarm hair.

With a blunt nose and a SWAT look of barrier-smashing impersonal-ness its closer to feelings of Good Fellas than Romeo and Juliet.

I keep thinking the designers also draw cartoons of concrete abutments.

The front desperately needs grace and fluidity or General Motors will be host to the sort of intelligent design of Helen Thomas rather than Sophia Loren.

Anonymous said...


I own a Cadillac and I love it - BUT - I'll never own another GM product!

Where do they plan on building this one with taxpayer money, Mexico, Brazil or perhaps in their favorite country, Commie China?