Thursday, April 01, 2010

The MSNBC Militia

Recognize any of these pasty white folks?

If so, the Nielsen Company wants to speak with you, because a certain cable network's ratings are missing -- and all of these crackpots are "persons of interest".

Update: Dan Riehl sez, "Video - This Is So Wrong: Militia Plotter Was Anti-Bush." I can't watch, but let's guess it's not NSFW.

Idea: Mark Levin. Linked by: Instapundit. Thanks!


RP Free Speech said...

Absolutely beautiful!

molonlabe28 said...

No, I certainly don't recognize any of these smarmy looking trailer park types.

And no African-Americans in the group - what gives?

Anonymous said...

Lower row, second from right is Rachel Maddow.

Anonymous said...

now that it's over,and your arrogance is exposed,any more comments?