Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Have you seen this spitter? Report immediately to Beulah Balbricker. Do not attempt to apprehend this spitter, as it is armed and dangerous'

Jack Cashill is searching for a spitter. That would be the man accused of 'spitting' on Rep. 'Ward' Cleaver (D-Somewhere) during the curious events of March 20, 2010 near the Capitol Building. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus walked through a Tea Party rally challenging their takeover of the health care system.

Although "Spittlegate" has largely passed from the national news, it still has resonance in the Kansas City congressional district of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, the "spittee" at the center of the Capitol Hill protest on March 20. Cleaver has milked the issue locally for a month, and his minions have been busily spreading the word that Cleaver's Republican opponent, Jacob Turk, is a friend of the Tea Party and thus a barely closeted Ku Kluxer. I wish I were exaggerating.

To put the issue to rest I would love to speak in all confidence to the stocky middle-aged man in black shirt and white hat clearly seen shouting at Cleaver in this video.

I've taken some stop-action shots of the man, who appears at the left side of the screen.

If you do recognize the man, please fire me an email, and I'll be sure and keep you anonymous if you prefer.

Balbricker: [Balbricker has a strong grip on Tommy Turner through the shower room wall]
Balbricker: I've got you *NOW*, TOMMY TURNER! And I'm taking you to the principal! Somebody get me the principal! Mr. Carter! Somebody get me the principal!
Balbricker: [Tommy is struggling to get free] You disgusting, little, filthy, *pervert*!
[Tommy finally gets free and gets out of there]
Balbricker: [through the wall] You *freak*! You filthy little pervert. I know you're in there.

Hat tip: W.

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