Monday, April 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: How Can a 'Fellow Black Republican' Oppose Obama?

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How Can a 'Fellow Black Republican' Oppose Obama?: Elder
Nigerian scam artists move to DemCare fraud: RWN
The Dreadful Equation: Doc Zero

Minority Minority Report: StateBrief
To be young, socialist and racist: Frederick
Teabonics: Obama Zombies Protest Palin: AmPower


Public unions make a private sector power grab: WashExam
The Euro States of America: Crittenden
Government Motors repayment fraud: Times

Obama on 212: Langbert
Tough mom fights back against unions and Quinn: Marathon
'The unions truly still don't get it': LVRJ

Climate & Energy

Rubbish, or When Good Intentions Fail Miserably: Patterico
More Global Warming Profiteering by Obama Energy Official: PJM
Climatard rescued just before freezing to death: BlogProf


Politics Suspends Critical Thinking At The Times: JOM
Jump! How High?: WashReb
Who's the Prophet Now: CBullitt (NSFW)

Townhall Magazine featured profile: Michelle Malkin: Hot Air
L.A.Times Publishes Anti-Tea Party Smear From 'Concerned Citizen'-Unidentified Radical Feminist: AmPower
Oh, now I'm totally cool with Bill Ayers: Hindenblog

Black Republican Rebukes Michael Steele: AT
My, how the Left hates strong conservative women -- Jan Brewer Edition: AT
Nevada: Now it’s the ‘People’s Truck!’: BigGovt


Should Puerto Rico Become Our 51st State?: SIGIS
Comic Depictions of Mohammed: Knowing When to Hold and When to Fold: Greenroom
Update on the sunken South Korean ship: Patterico

Obama Is Enabling Nuclear Breakout: AT
Top Islamic Site Calls for the Final Jihad: EuropeNews
JPost Editor-in-Chief uses 2,600 words to tell us he's absolutely clueless: JPost

Today, We Are All Israelis: Ledeen
Increasing the danger in a dangerous world: VodkaPundit
Tribute to the $100 trillion man: WashExam


Stephen Hawking Warns Against Being Friendly With Aliens: Mediaite
Blue Marble (Planet Earth): RWN
Postal-themed PDF spam: Sophos


Love, the Pope, and C.S. Lewis : Avery Cardinal Dulles
Journey of Redemption: Brutally Honest
Who's Dressed Better?: HillBuzz

Image: EuropeNews.
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QOTD: "Anyone who can cross our border is a citizen -- anyone who can climb in your house is a family member.

This is how liberals think." -- Anonymous

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