Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: AZ acts to restore border sanity, amnesty lobby freaks

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AZ acts to restore border sanity, amnesty lobby freaks: Malkin
Good Riddance to Justice Stevens: Sowell
Dem Dirty Tricks: Crashing the Tea Party: Times

Gee, that was fast: DemCare-induced Doc Shortage: Powers
Phantom Racists Magically Heard by New Witness: GWP
Ilya at Notre Dame: RSM

FBI Had File on Obama’s Radical Grandfather: RWN
That's So Maverick: Wizbang
Sharks in the water for Hawaii's special election: LogMon


Small Business Optimism: Low and Headed South: Mish
Governor Undeterred By Right Wingers' Threats: Ace
Obama ‘Scaring Dickens Out of Small Businesses’: BMW

Obama's Assault on Non-Union Businesses: RWN
When reading about 'good news' on the deficit...: Hewitt

Climate & Energy

ClimateGate Whitewash: AT
Holdren: U.S. can't be #1 in science and technology forever: BlogProf


Calling all radicals: Podesta is hiring: Mattera
Surprise! Remnick Plays the Race Card: PJM
Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights: WaPo (Milbank)

MSNBC Declines Broadly Among Adults 25-54 vs. 2009 Q1: TVBTN
Frank Rich's Reckless Slander: AT
Al Sharpton Show - 'There Is Not A Black Person On The US Supreme Court': BlogProf

Washington Post begins to dismantle "Tea Party is racism" meme: Wizbang
Hannity and Rubio at The Villages: Tackett


Why Israel's Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too: EuropeNews
The Muslim Brotherhood in Germany: GoV
Tariq Ramadan and the Three Public Faces of Islam: PJM

A Tale of Two Cities: WklyStd (Bayefsky)
How Has President Obama Been Weak and Lost Credibility Over Iran: Answering a Reader's Question: BRubin
Obama Loses Another Contact Lens While Meeting World Leader: Powers

Fade to Red: Demoralized, Crisis-ridden Amerika: Moonbattery
He Who Controls The Health System, Controls "Information": LegalIns
Somali Radio Stations Comply With Islamists’ Music Ban: iOTW


Neil Armstrong on Obama's NASA Plans: "A Long Downhill Slide to Mediocrity": Ace
Google ready to get down to business: CNet
Nanny State becomes Wet Nurse State: RWN


Moonbattery applied to the automobile: Moonbattery
The Short List of Candidates to Replace Justice Stevens: Feed Yer ADHD
Ain't It Just Terrible When Powerful Organizations Cover Up Sex Abuse Scandals?: Moonbattery

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Bones said...

With all the micro examination of Tea Party people, there is little
buzz about the serious beating of Bobby Jindal's people in New Orleans.