Friday, April 30, 2010

'Is It Time to Re-institute Slavery?'

By Kelcy Allen

In the midst of the recent haranguing cries by liberals of 'racism' each time a conservative disagrees with one of President Obama’s policies, I'm hearing backroom rumblings that a small, entrenched political cabal may actually be discussing the re-institution of slavery. One wonders, is this insanity, or has the country destabilized to the point where this could actually be possible?

When you consider the hard-fought moral and spiritual battles Americans have waged to secure freedom and you measure the sacrificial carnage strewn along the way, we must be predisposed to disbelief. But we Americans take freedom for granted. Our newest generations have grown up in a society basically free from onerous human constraints and have no first-hand knowledge of repression or bondage. But saying what you want, dressing any way you desire, going anyplace you please, pursuing any job or interest, or worshiping any God, has never been accepted anywhere on Earth as a societal norm until recent times.

If we follow the thread of history backwards we find people have never really been free. A leisurely camp-out wasn’t advisable in the time of Genghis Khan. Wearing a thong during The Middle Ages was more than a little dicey. Demonstrating for non-violence in the era of Aztecan human sacrifice could jeopardize your health. And, selling assorted religious idols in downtown 10th-century Mecca wasn't a recipe for longevity.

So, why would any group in the first decade of the 21st century advocate for the abrogation of established liberties or for the segregation of powerfully entrenched segments of society? How could the subjugation of multitudes into a slave-and-master relationship be possible in today’s world? What unspeakable criteria would have to be present for it to occur?

Is the reinstatement of slavery plausible? The answer is unequivocally, yes! That is, because the backroom murmurs aren’t about 19th century black-American plantation slavery, they concern 'political' slavery and, in particular, Marxism. Marxism has been the most toxic, horrific and deadly slavery on the face of the planet. Under the banner of Marxism in the 1900’s, Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung and Russian leader Josef Stalin killed tens of millions of people collectively, dwarfing the number of exterminations by Hitler.

Marxism is socialism on steroids. Socialism exists when government controls the so-called equal redistribution of money or goods and services across society. Marxism exists when a centralized authoritarian government, fueled by class envy and fulfilled by force, determines who, what, when, how, and why anyone gets that money or goods and services. Marxism is the mortal enemy of free-market capitalism, of freedom of individual thought and of... Liberty.

At least seven conditions would be necessary for Marxist political slavery to prevail in America today:

1. Dismantle our capitalist system and replace it with socialism
2. Enlarge and centralize government for 'nationalization'
3. Create class envy
4. Develop a dependency culture
5. Eradicate the family
6. (Strictly) Enforce government policies
7. Depend on a complacent populace

Prior to the 2008 presidential election, many Americans were warning that candidate Obama had a socialist ideology, a history of socialist ties, and a socialist voting record. They were chastised and denigrated for their opinions. However, within the magical 100-day presidential window, in February 2009, the cover of Newsweek excitedly proclaimed, 'We are all socialists now!' Obama‘s particular disinterest in job creation bespeaks his insouciant view of capitalism and is one reason why the only 'shovel-ready job' we’ve seen is his attempted burial of free enterprise.

Obama is an admitted social progressive. Ideological cousins, Marxists and Progressives want larger government, greater involvement, increased oversight, tighter control, suppressed religion, and both will use force to accomplish their goal. The name Saul Alinsky should finally take on heightened importance. Obama studied and revered this mid-century fellow Chicago community organizer who was arguably America’s most destructive Marxist. Alinsky wrote a book, a political bible of sorts, for young violent radical Marxist protesters who wanted to overthrow free enterprise. Those protesters have grown up, and many have retained their radical views and have joined the Obama administration as advisers or 'Czars'.

In progressive-speak, Obama’s 'Transformation of America' means the nationalization of America. This translates to takeovers (not bailouts) of the banks, the auto industry, insurance companies, health-care, student loans, and higher education. What's next? Oil companies, communications, the airlines... perhaps even Hooters and espresso stands, the latter to regulate caffeine intake along with salt.

Do you wonder why Obama has been called the Great Divider and America is so politically polarized? Without fail, each time he gives a speech he pits one segment of society against the other: Main Street against Wall Street, haves against have-nots, Grandma against the chiropractor, and fat-cats against anyone who breathes. Whatever happened to 'United We Stand?'

Now his blatant, divisive rhetoric pitting the health industry, banks, and ‘special interests’ against ‘whomever is listening’ -- as well as his tacit separation of young-people, African-Americans, Latinos and women from white Americans -- is not only beneath the dignity of the President, it engenders animosity and creates hostility. Thank Alinsky-the-Marxist for this polished technique: divided we fall.

Social assistance and a dependency culture eventually destroy self-sufficiency, a sense of responsibility, and personal dignity —- a Marxist must. Don’t tell me Obama doesn’t understand Marxism 101. He absorbed this propaganda, by choice, at uber-liberal Occidental College and later at Columbia University. He understands these concepts better than he understands a jump shot. It's unfortunate that the general public doesn't -- yet.

Marxism thrives only at the expense of traditional values. Very little of Obama’s stimulus money went to manufacturing, construction, the trades, or small private businesses, and it has negatively impacted the family. Most of the money went to the service industries and there’s a reason. In 1969, two young Marxist bombers formed a violent radical group called the Weathermen. They declared war on the United States and bombed upwards of 25 buildings, police facilities, and government installations. You know one of the two radicals as Bill Ayers, 'the unrepentant bomber'.

The other one helped write Obama’s Stimulus Bill! If you wonder why rabid Marxist Jeffrey Jones, Director of the New York Chapter of the Apollo Alliance, was permitted to help craft legislation intended to directly influence capitalism and our economy, you’ll have to ask Obama. It certainly looks intentional. And, considering the Midwest Academy trained SEIU President Andy Stern, who is head of the 'service industries' largest union (and Obama’s most frequent White House guest), you can understand why the bulk of the $787 billion stimulus money went Stern's direction and not to job creation.

Obama was a virtual unknown prior to his presidency, but his year in office has been all the time needed to research, scrutinize, and expose his opprobrious political past. Hundreds of pages (The Obama Files 1-101) which accurately document scores of his radical affiliations with socialists, Communists, and Marxists, place Obama’s words and deeds in his first fourteen months in office into an extremely troubling context.

Further, Obama’s seemingly benign hiring of 16,500 new IRS Healthcare agents offers an ominous portent considering his remarks during a 2008 campaign speech regarding a powerful civilian security force. When these IRS enforcers visit your home to insure you’ve flossed or avoided trans-fats, or to interrogate you because you haven’t paid the fine for the insurance you can’t afford because Obama gave the stimulus money to the service industries, will they be wearing uniforms and carrying side arms?

It’s obvious the small cabal of which I speak is Obama, Emanuel, Axelrod, Pelosi, Reid, Since they have shown an arrogant disdain for the desires of the electorate by putting our future —- our freedom —- in peril, it would be wise to err on the side of caution and not simply dismiss the worst-case scenario agenda. The sleeping giant of Liberty must awaken soon. It would be naïve and irresponsible to assume that this administration's intentions are benign.

Is it time to re-institute slavery? In November, we must mobilize and vote to ensure that any form of slavery -- economic or otherwise -- is destined for the dustbin of history.

Kelcy Allen is a freelance writer. He resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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