Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holy Patch Tuesday, Batman!

Chopper Man writes:

Okay – so usually there’s a heads up of some kind if a Microsoft security patch cycle is particularly worrisome... but this one takes the cake. Over the top. Here’s the official MS-approved release explanation:

Today, as part of its routine monthly security update cycle, Microsoft is releasing 11 security bulletins to address 25 vulnerabilities: five rated Critical, five rated Important and one rated Moderate. This month's release affects Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Exchange. Additionally, the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) was updated to include Win32/Magania.

Microsoft recommends that customers deploy all security updates as soon as possible. However, Microsoft's guidance on deployment priority is that customers should consider MS10-019, MS10-026, and MS10-027 as the top priority bulletins for April.

This month’s patch cycle is so complex, Microsoft actually released a graphic to help explain this month’s patch cycle:



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